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Apr 29, 2008 10:15 AM


where can i get it?? other than wallse...

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  1. We just had a good spaetzle on Sunday at Cafe Sarbarsky, it's the same chef/owner of Wallse.

    1. Loreley, a German beer garden on Rivington between Bowery and Chrystie. Not expensive, but only ok spaetzle. Good beer though.

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        OK spaetzle at Lederhosen as well. Another beer house in the West Village.

        1. re: JungMann

          Same with Hallo Berlin. I will pretty much guarantee that the basic material used at both Hallo Berlin and Lederhosen come from the same source. Dirk who is in the ktichen at Lederhosen used to cook at Hallo Berlin and is related to the owner of Hallo Berlin. In each case, I don't think the spaetzle itself (the noodle-like part) is made in hosue, but I would probably say the same about the pasta at most Italian places at that price level.

      2. Loreley. I prefer theirs without the bacon, since they occasionally overcook when with bacon. Cheesy goodness.

        Cafe Katja nearby also has some but quite as tasty.

        1. Blaue Gans.
          The Smith has it w/their lamb schnitzel.
          Try a find-a-food search on menupages for other alternatives.

          1. All the restaurants under Wallse's franchise (Blaue Glans and Cafe Sarbarsky, as mentioned above) will have spaetzle.

            Belcourt has lavendar spaetzle with the pork belly, though I could barely taste the lavendar (the pork belly was very good). dB Bistro Moderne had one too. So does the soon-to-be-closed Danube.