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Apr 29, 2008 10:09 AM

5 nights near Oban

Spookily linked to my earlier post today I will be in Oban for 5 nights ( Tue - Fri ) in early june

What are the top places for lunch and dinner in and around Oban and the surrounding area ?

Would be happy to drive up to 30 mins for a top dinner spot, in terms of stunning view and top notch food.

Generally like to avoid stuffy places or touristy gaffs, but happy to compromise for a not to be missed experience. Price rabnge flexible - a mix of bargains and a splurge evening would be great.

Keen on seafood ( which hopefully should be good ), Italian or Spanish (?) and anywhere which is eclectic/ a bit unique.


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  1. Flicking through the Good Food Guide, I think you must have a think about Airds Hotel at Port Appin.

    Seems to be spot on for your needs. A short drive north of Oban, views from the dining room, fab sounding food. Hopefully someone will have personal experience to report

    1. There is a place called Ardanaiseig which is near Kilchrenan. Its a beautiful spot and the food is great. On the way there is Loch Fyne oyster bar, which is nice place to stop for lunch.

      1. Ee Usk right on the harbour does excellent fish and seafood. I was, strangley, unimpressed with their mussels, but everything else was spot on. It's very informal and as far as I remember, good value. Very busy though.

        I don't know if it's still there, but there was a restaurant which opened a few years ago on what I think is the main street. It was called Oasis and was run by a young English couple (from St Helens) and it was their first restaurant I think. The food was very good - I guess you'd describe it as modern British with the occasional exotic twist. We left the after our meal really wanting them to do well, but fearing that they would struggle to survive there. I'd love to know if they're still open.

        I've also heard about the Airds Hotel - and there is another place at Port Appin which gets great reviews, but I can't remember its name and which was supposed to be the best. One of them is very expensive. It's a beautiful location in any case.

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          A quick response to , and thanks for,recs. Ee Usk has a great location, not cheap but good quality fish . Would book a table after 8.45 or I think you might be' processed' somewhat especially at the weekend. The only other standout place ws called Coast ( is this your Oasis ? )Was run by English couple -food was very good but unfortuate location opposite the kebab shop did make me wonder,too, about long term prospects.

          Also top rec if in town is the shack/shed near the ferry terminal for the most indulgent and great value seafood sarnies and fresh prawn tails - not for the mayo fearers but lovely ! Place to avoid was the Loch Fyne Oyster Bar - spectacularly bad value at lunch - real tourist trap and major disppointment

          1. re: willowan

            Yes - I've just googled it, and that's the place we went to - I was convinced that it was called Oasis, and have been merrily recommending the wrong place ever since we went in late 2004...

            I'm glad you found it though. They opened in 2004, so I guess if they can survive 4 years, then they have a good chance, and it seems they have built up a very good reputation. I'm really glad, because they had worked really hard to get it up and running and were serving very good and interesting dishes - but when we were there it was empty, so we were worried it wouldn't survive.