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Apr 29, 2008 10:02 AM

Monday Night in Glasgow ?

Will be passing through Glasgow en route from Liverpool to Oban on a Monday in early June.

Where will be a great place to eat which wont be deserted and/or wont have the best chef on their night off ? Am happy with most cuisines but would probably be steering clear of curries , chinese etc and would rather go for something bistroish with a Scottish twist.

I have recently seen good comments re a little place called No. Sixteen but have no idea where it is. is it central ?

If anyone thinks we should break our journey elsewhere to get spectacular food and a place to kip on the Monday night, would be open to those suggestions too !


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  1. It's been there for donkeys years, but I'd still recommend the Ubiquitous Chip for "modern Scottish".

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      I was in Glasgow last summer and fell in love with Cafe Gandolphi. Make sure you try the Cullen Skink. Just checked the web site and they are open on Monday. If you prefer fish, they have opened a fish restaurant right around the corner.

    2. No 16 is on Byres Road which is in the West End. Another place to try is Stravaigin. Also in the West End on Gibson st.

      1. I second all three recs above: Ubiquitous Chip, Stravaigin and Cafe Gandolphi. The Chip is the fanciest of the 3, although they also have the pub. Cafe Gandolphi is the most informal and they also have an upstairs wine bar. Stravaigin -- eat in the cafe, not the downstairs restaurant -- you can get the whole menu. Loved the chili mussels.

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          Just a quick and belated reply to those who recommended Cafe Gandoplhi - great place, atmosphere food and wine all perfect for a chilled out Monday night and the Cullen skink is top notch !

          Thanks again