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Apr 29, 2008 09:35 AM

Burgers at the Loose Moose - not kidding

Went to the Loose Moose last night to watch the Raptors and Habs with my husband and some friends. Unfortunately, both games were a disappointment, but surprisingly, the food at the Loose Moose wasn't! We all ordered the deluxe burger. My husband and I hesitated a little as we have been disappointed time after time in the burgers at all Toronto establishments. However the menu stated that they make fresh burgers (no indication on the menu that they cook to order or grind their own meat), and everything else on the downstairs menu was pretty much deep fried, so I ordered the burger too.

When the plates arrived, I couldn't believe the size of it!! Stretch out your middle finger and thumb - and that's about as high as the burger was!! The actual meat was about an inch and a half to two inches thick (not patted down at all) and was extremely juicy (enough to get on the messy side...but hand wipes are provided so no need to worry). The fixins were tasty and fresh as well. The didn't ask us how we wanted them cooked, and they were certainly cooked long enough to pass any inspection, but not too long to turn into the hard cardboard that we are unfortunately faced with at other restaurants.

I encourage others to try it out - let me know what you think!

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  1. I've drank & eaten here a few times -- good place to go, and they show UFC also for those nights where they are on Pay-Per-View :)

    1. I just checked out the menu and my mouth is watering over the double cheese and bacon burger. I will have to give that a try.
      Any idea what the hours are??


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        Open til 1AM or 2AM except Sunday (12:00 AM) - See for complete hours