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Apr 29, 2008 09:31 AM

Great New Supermarket

Its about a year old actually, but its a remarkable new addition to grocery stores in Toronto. Its called Fresh Value and its on Islington just north of the 401, tucked into the old Rexdale Plaza. At about 60,000 sq.ft., its sizable and, as far as I can tell, is run by Asians and is designed to service south Rexdale's strong Indian, Pakistani, Carribean and Latin customer base.

Its clean, the produce is incredibly fresh and well-presented, the "seafood room" is active and unique, and the sheer selection of ethnic product is breathtaking. The prices are great.

Its not like T&T (which I love), instead Fresh Value is less corporate, (less "perfect"), more of a "market" and caters to much wider range of communities.

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  1. sounds interesting, i will definately make my way there one day. Where is it exactly? North of the Wal-mart?

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      Just north of the Wal-mart on the east side, in the old Rexdale mall that once housed the bad Zellers. Not obvious from the road except for plenty of Chinese characters on the side of the mall.

    2. I've been intending to stop in, but after so many passings as I drive by, so little time, well, I will check it out in the days/week or so to come!!!!! Indian operated establishments do not take credit cards, it seems universally. The mention of great prices certainly is terrific, but one can't have everything???? --- Do they take credit cards?!?!