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Apr 29, 2008 09:25 AM

Truffle oil question -- which tastes more truffly?

I am a dog for all things truffle. For years I've been buying white truffle oil because I thought that since it's often more expensive, the flavor would be stronger. Now I'm wondering. Which truffle, or I should say truffle oil because that's all I use, has a more pronounced truffle flavor -- white or black?

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  1. black truffle oil is more earthy, i believe. i prefer to stick to the white.

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      Indeed, I had some white truffle oil and thought this stuff is great, you can almost drink this stuff. Got a bottle of black truffle oil and thought...this is close to gym socks. It also seems to vary from brand to brand.


      my wife makes the above foccacia recipe and it's easily become our's made with cracked black pepper and truffle oil but you should probably cut the amount of oil in half.we like to serve it with seasoned dipping oil.she said it very easy to do.