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Apr 29, 2008 08:59 AM

Thai/Chinese--staying in Itasca

Interested in a good Thai restaurant or Thai/Chinese -type place not too far from Itasca (within 10 miles or so) Any recommendations?

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  1. may have found the answer on my own--Siam's House in Niles--may be a little further than 10 miles, but apparently worth the drive from what 15 rave reviews implied. Unless there is something equal or better closer to itasca.

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    1. re: KyMikey

      Niles is a bit far.... you may want to check out Yum Thai on Madison in Forest Park (about 15 minutes from Itasca). We travel there from Glen Ellyn at least 1 or 2 times a month & it's definitely worth it. It's also a BYOB in case you're interested.

      1. re: wineaux

        Sounds good--looks like I'll be having Thai at least twice that weekend now. Thanx! ;-)

    2. Niles is very far. Also, I ate at Siam's House not long ago and I thought it was dreadful.

      Slightly closer to Itasca than Niles is Arlington Heights, where you'll find altThai, an excellent Thai restaurant.