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Apr 29, 2008 08:31 AM

Need Suggestions for Evanston Area

I'm looking for restaurant suggestions in the Evanston area (doesn't have to be limited to the city of Evanston) following graduation in June. We have a reservation for one night at Va Penseiro, so non Italian recommendations would be welcome. There will be around 8-10 people, so we are looking for a place that is not terribly expensive, nor too noisy/crowded (grandparents will be coming).

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  1. If Va Pensiero reflects the price range, then:
    Oceanique: excellent, creative seafood.
    Stained Glass: emphasis on wine flights and service
    Jacky's Bistro: French bistro fare, not surprisingly.

    All offer good atmosphere and service, in my opinion.

    1. Also in Skokie which is due east is Bone Fish Grill - it is a chain but consistently delivers excellent sea food -

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      1. OOPS - - yes it is west go east from evanston it is more a do it yourself seafood restaurant

      2. I would imagine that all the restaurants in Evanston will be packed during graduation weekend. If you want to leave Evanston, there are a couple of lovely small restaurants in Winnetka (about 20 minutes north of Evanston) that I think would meet your criteria:

        - O'Neils - this has been a favorite of mine for years. The menu isn't particularly adventurous, but the food is really good. It is not overly noisy and they have room for a crowd of 8-10 people.
        - Frank & Betsy's - across the street from O'Neils is very small, but I bet they could handle 8-10 people. French food, usually very good, but a little bit hit or miss. They are very friendly.

        1. Va Pensiero is an excellent choice.

          The suggestions by jjo - Oceanique, the Stained Glass, and Jacky's Bistro - are all excellent, as are Chef's Station, Jilly's Cafe, Pete Miller's, and Quince, also located in Evanston. Evanston has a great collection of these excellent casual fine dining restaurants. However, I'm not sure whether they would meet your "not terribly expensive" requirement, as all are priced similarly to Va Pensiero, with entrees in the mid twenties to low thirties.

          If your group would like Thai food, I recommend Thai Sookdee. Not only does it have the best Thai food in the Chicago area, but it's a nice space, very spacious, and is accustomed to seating larger parties.

          1. Mmmm, Va Pensiero is very good. I would second (or I guess at this point, third and fourth) the suggestions of Quince and the Stained Glass.