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Apr 29, 2008 08:16 AM

St. Augustine Recs

Taking a trip up there in two weeks. I will be cooking for myself and my guests most of the time, but I'd like to maybe do a nice brunch/breakfast someplace nice but not too costly. I'm looking for quality ingredients, made from scratch stuff like crepes or perhaps a decent bakery.

Also looking for a dinner spot for one night. Something progressive but simple; a quality fish joint would be good. Or, if there's anything chowish, rare, exotic stuff, that would rock too, though I'm not expecting much in that category for the area.

Thanks for the help in advance.

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  1. For a bakery, try DeNoel French Pastry Shop...I had the best chocolate eclairs and croissants I've ever put into my mouth there.

    For a Big Chowhound Night out, my pick is The Tasting Room. This place was the highlight of our weekend...the most wonderful tapas I've ever had ANYWHERE (including Spain)....things like Spanish Onion Soup with crispy Serrano ham and Manchego cheese; Grilled Lobster and Serrano Skewers with a side of cheesy grits; a plate of Manchego chunks nestled on a bed of olive oil and garnished with balsamic vinegar so old and fine that it had the taste and consistency of jam; some amazing giant scallops wrapped in ham and perched on a serving of herbed cauliflower puree; and Salt Cod Potato Croquettes with an herb-infused aioli for dipping...delish! The tapas were offered in both regular and larger-sized portions. Good service and excellent wine selections with reasonable markups. We loved it!

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      Wow, that place sounds fantastic. I took a look at the website:

      I'm assuming the prices listed under hot tapas are small plate sizes first, entree portions second? How are the portions on the Entradas?

      Thank you so much for your recs.

      1. re: johnmlinn

        Yes...the tapas were offered in two sizes, and the larger ones were fairly generous. Our party of four shared the entrada sizes of the tapas I mentioned in my post (plus, my husband and I shared a bowl of that soup just because we HAD to try it), along with a bocadillo of almond stuffed olives, and it was a satisfying meal. We ordered a slab of tres leches cake and all had a couple of bites of that, too...but not necessarily because we were still hungry. ;)

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          And it's ran by the owners of Opus 39 which has great revues on this site. Mrs Crew and I will be in S.A. at the end of the month. She had wanted to try Columbia because she's never been and loves paella but wait til she sees the menu here.