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Apr 29, 2008 08:04 AM

Where can I find excellent roasted beef?

I don't mean from a deli, I mean something that looked like the attached picture not too long before I eat it. Meat roasted overnight on a spit, or something that closely approximates it. If I had my wish there'd be good garlic bread there too, but it's the meat that I'm really looking for. I don't really know how to describe this well, so hopefully someone will help me out. Thanks!

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  1. I think you are looking for what they call in B-More "pit beef." Top sirloin, I believe, slow roasted and finished on a grill. In Rockville, MD, check out Hot Stone (formerly Charley's Place) on E. Gude Drive.

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    1. re: nickdanger

      Pit beef.... I'll look into that, thanks. Have you been to Hot Stone? Everything I can find on it seems to say it isn't that good...

      1. re: kallisti

        That's what makes the world go round. I ahve been there and like the pit beef, pit ham, and pulled pork. Collared greens and boardwalk-style fries also notable. Nevr tried the ribs, as Urban BBQ and now nearby Urban Burger has good ones.

        1. re: nickdanger

          Oh good!

          Urban BBQ is right near me, actually, though I haven't managed to get there yet.

      2. re: nickdanger

        I used to eat at Hot Stone 2 to 3 days a week for lunch, as my business is right down Gude from them. Excellent sliced beef sandwiches. The sliced pork is quite good as well. Obrien's used to be in that location many years ago. When Obriens moved, it became Canopy for a number of year, then became Charlies. The same Asian woman who runs it now was there when it was Charlies. She makes a wicked good potato salad that goes well with the beef sandwich.
        Sadly, I stopped eating there after a heart attack last October. For me, a sliced beef sandwich really need a generous spread of Mayo, and that is not on my allowed foods list.

        1. re: mdfoodlover

          Phew, I am happy to read your reply and nick's above, cause I couldn't find anything good said about it! :)

          I'll definitely try it out. Thanks guys!

          1. re: kallisti

            It's not what I would consider a "Destination" sort of place, but I firmly believe it to be the best lunch sandwich spot in N Rockville. The only better sliced beef sandwich I ever had in the area was at the original Hash Brothers, when they were in the funky basement next to the Rockville Police.

            I've only tryed Urban once, at the Norbeck Burger location. I did not like the burger at all. I'd rather Five Guys any day of the week, if my cholesterol would allow it.

            1. re: mdfoodlover

              Yeah, not a destination place, such as the Eden Center in NoVa.I'm also not a big fan of Urban's burgers, but their ribs are good, probably better at the original location nr Twinbrook metro. I did hear they are opening another place off NH Ave. These guys used to work at Old Glory, and probably know pitfalls of expanding beyond one's means. And, I'm glad to see from the post below that the Canopy is still open. If you want killer, and I mean Killer ribs, and bbq, there is a truck run by Up in Smoke caterers on RT 40, outside Baltimore Beltway in the Shoppers/Ollies parking lot that IS a destination place. Two smokers going at most times. Full slab $18, good sides, eat in your car.

              1. re: nickdanger

                Does Up in Smoke sell sandwiches or just ribs? I've passed those guys dozens of times (on the way to pretty much weekly band practice). I really don't want to eat ribs in my car, but I'll try a sandwich if they have them.

                And do you mean Liberty Road? That's what I've been driving on when I've seen them and that shopping center.

                1. re: 4X4

                  That is Liberty Road. I blanked on the name. Pulled or minced pork sandwich and others I believe. Worth the stop.

              2. re: mdfoodlover

                The roast beef at Deli City is fall apart tender with a good beefy flavor. The roast beef at Hodge's downtown is also good, but it's more of a handcarved, steamship of beef thing. Great with the dipping jus and horseradish.

            2. re: mdfoodlover

              I ate at Hot Stone once. It was ok, for pit beef, but I think the 10 minute drive to Urban is a better bet.

          2. The Ellicott City location of The Canopy on Route 40 is Da Bomb for pit beef. Just had one this evening, medium-rare with BBQ sauce, sliced onions, and horseradish with a side of "Ocean" fries with salt and vinegar. The real Baltimore deal.