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Family Roman Holiday/weak dollar/salumieri recs

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It looks like we are taking our two daughters to Italy for 2 weeks in July. Generally, I'm a huge fan of Italy and go there with bells on, but I'm reluctant to take this trip since the dollar is so weak and everything is very expensive in Italy these days. I feel like it's not a vacation if you have to worry about money, but my husband feels differently, so here I am with my frugal gourmet question.

We'll be renting an apartment in Rome (hopefully either Trastevere or Navona neighborhoods if we're lucky). I'd love to hear local recs of good supermarkets that aren't crazy expensive, or more importantly, excellent bakeries/salumieri/fish mongers/butcher shops where I can buy food to bring home and cook. I plan on going to Campo dei Fiori for my fruit and veggies.

Also, if you're still reading and willing to give more advice, any family friendly downscale trattoria suggestions will also be appreciated.

Thanks so much!

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  1. If you wind up in Trastevere, go to the market at Piazza San Cosimato, which is surrounded by lots of appealing food shops, including bakeries. Forget the supermarkets for everything but paper towels and detergent. If you're near P Navona, you'll go to Campo de' Fiori, it too surrounded by shops. Don't worry.