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Apr 29, 2008 07:34 AM

East Side Recs?

Moving back to Austin after a few years and have settled on a place around the west end of e. 11th/12th Sts.. I'm not as familiar with the food options there as other parts of town (and things have changed anyway), so any recommendations and ideas are welcome.


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  1. Great up and coming neighborhood, very "now". Blue Dalia is what Les Ami on campus used to be, only cleaner and more hip. Gene's Po-Boys is great home-cooking and Gene's a riot. East Manor has some very ghe-ghe places that are too hip (and too bland) for me. There are several other places on East 11th I've been meaning to try including a little Italian sidewalk cafe (name escapes me), but suffice to say there'll be plenty of spots to fill your belly. Welcome "home".

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      You are thinking of Primizie...and it is amazing! I had the best dinner there with my BF. I have been wanting to go back but am currently trying to shed some winter weight :( . So unfortunately it is not on the radar. But I highly recommend this place. It knocked my socks off...which is hard to do since I am italian.

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        No. That's the one on Manor and I've been there. The muscle appetizer blue me out of the water. However, my veal entree was pretty miserable. Reminded me of the Top Chef episode where the contestant was supposed to make scallopini and made breaded...but I digress.

        The place I'm thinking of is on the same block as Blue Dalia, but across the street. It's always closed at lunch on the weekends, so we haven't tried it.

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          no that's stortini's on manor. and pretty sure it's Primizie's that's near Blue Dahlia on 11th. it has a sidewalk in front of it.

    2. There's also East Side Pies (pizza) on Rosewood, which I haven't tried yet but has received rave reviews, Lola's Nubian Queen for very downhome Cajun/Creole (she's a Katrina evacuee who stayed in Austin, so I've read), and Ms. B's for more upscale Creole in the same complex as Primizie. And don't forget the venerable East Side Cafe on Manor Road.