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Apr 29, 2008 07:11 AM

CIBO is closed

According to Rob Balon's column today, Will Packwood's 3rd place has closed. Cibo shut it's doors on Sunday. 7 and Emilia's that he ran also closed.

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  1. For me it was generally excellent food but too expensive to visit on a regular basis.
    If he had modestly priced tapas items I would have been there more often.

    1. Very sad. Not to say I'm suprised. His crowds were never strong though it has seemed lately that they were picking up a bit. We went recently at 9:30pm on a Saturday night and it was surprisingly full.

      We never enjoyed it as much after the menu change and price increase. I'm glad we went once a month for the first year or so of the Venetian menu.

      1. Guess that article in Texas Monthly couldn't save them. I only went once but was disappointed in the very small portion size for the price.

        1. The three times I went the food ranged from spectacular to bad. The atmosphere was kinda stark and echoey; a relaxing and attractive setting makes me feel better about the price when I'm slightly disappointed in the meal (this is what saves Fino for me sometimes). Service was good, but it's also hard to feel great about a dining out experience when your party is alone in a cavernous restaturant.

          1. This is a real shame.... this is one place I really will miss. The food I ordered was always very good; Will and his staff were always friendly, generous, and welcoming.

            I had great liking for the carefully selected winelist, offering Austin a chance to broaden it's wine dialect considerably.

            These may not have been "cheap eats" but the quality was always there for me when I did go. In fact, two of my very best ever meals in Austin were at Cibo. One, a New Year's Eve gastronomic extravaganza and the other, a weeknite dinner with boar belly, oxtail, and really dammed good wine.

            It will be hard to face the mediocrity (ala: Roaring Fork, et al) around Austin while hoping for another inspired dining experience like Cibo to open one day.

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            1. re: Joey Foodman

              go next door. jezebel is equally as sophisticated and better executed.

              1. re: ieathereforeiam

                Actually, I have been to Jezebel and I was not impressed. Predictable, excessively priced wine, service slower than a lava flow, and prices considerably higher than Cibo. I suppose if you don't know the actual carrying cost of wine you might be impressed by Jez.... but I'm not.

                1. re: Joey Foodman

                  I don't drink much. greatly enjoyed the food though.