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Apr 29, 2008 07:11 AM

MSP - Uphill (?) Alert: The Wienery

Back in November of '06, I made the following post regarding declines in my experiences at The Wienery:

I never truly gave up on the place and I'm glad I didn't. After having a couple beautiful natural casing Chicago dogs from ChicagoStyleDog (of Roadfood and HotDogU fame) in Milwaukee 10 days ago, I found myself with a craving yesterday while on my way by the West Bank.

Everything at The Wienery last night was back in full stride. The Chicago dog was near perfection -- juicy tomato, sinus-piercing pepper, generous pickle and the bun was warm of steam and couldn't have been more than a few hours old. The only flaw (minor) was the barely-noticeable celery salt -- my compass points nearer to "thorough dusting than scattered flurries.

A plain Polish also went down easily. Good snap and flavor, same fresh bun.

Perhaps what gave me the most satisfaction, stemming from my earlier post, was that I witnessed the careful slaughter of an actual potato vs. an industrial-sized brown paper frozen french fry sack. In the visits since my downhill post, I've noticed the gradual recovery of the french fry quality.

I doubt I have any real influence on where you all go or don't go, but let this be an official cancelling of the downhill alert on The Wienery and I would encourage you to return if you haven't lately. Things are back to good.

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  1. MSPD - Do you know if they are open Sundays? We perpetually head to Chai's next door on Sunday nights to find it closed. Seeing as it takes 20 minutes to find parking over there, it would be nice to stay in that neighborhood.

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      No clue. You might want to call: 612-333-5798

    2. Hey this is good to hear! I think 2006 was when my trips there really dropped off after too many greasy sog on the outside/raw on the inside fries. Will check it out again soon.