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Apr 29, 2008 06:16 AM

Wedding cake designers in the Boston area?

Hello. I'm new to the Boston area and am looking for a high-end wedding cake designer. I'd like to find someone who's tasteful, artistic, and elegant -- and of course, who can bake a delicious cake. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    1. I have lots of experience with wedding cake- my friend from home is a full-time wedding planner and I have assisted her for the past 4 years when it fits my schedule.

      My favorite cake is from Jenny's Cakes, I don't have her info but she's from MA. I remember her cakes from weddings we did at the Gamble Mansion, Brae Burn and Ballroom Veronique. Her cakes are not only gorgeous, but they taste the best out of all the other cake vendors I have tasted. Icing on the Cake in Newton? comes a very close 2nd. Party Favors in Brookline is pretty good- the cake tastes like Betty Crocker, very homemade tasting if that's what you like.

      Personally I don't like Konditor Meister for wedding cakes, they often taste dry and like they were made a week beforehand.

      If you check out the wedding message boards and search "cake", you'll find a TON of reviews and opinions, it's a popular topic on the boards.

      Good luck and welcome to Boston!

      1. Vikki Lee in Belmont makes beautiful tasty wedding cakes.

        1. Cakes to Remember in Brookline - we used her and also have had cakes made by her at other weddings . . . we were concerned that our cake look gorgeous but taste fantastic - we'd had zillions of cardboard cakes. Her cakes look super and taste super too, and she was great to work with.

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            I used Icing on the Cake in Newton years ago, but also had one of their birthday cakes recently. They are very tasty. Their specialty is highly decorative frosting...the flowers are quite amazing.

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              I'll second the rec for Icing on the Cake- their specialty flavors are great.

              Icing On the Cake
              230 Adams St, Newton, MA

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                I'll "third" the rec for Icing on the Cake-- not only do the cakes taste great but people there are creative and really easy to work with.I also second the comment above about Konditor Meister...cakes are not very good.

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                  Thanks all! I'll definitely look into these.

          2. Cake for Occasions in Danvers is FABULOUS! The cakes are truly beautiful and delicious. And that is a combination you don't often find in wedding cakes. Lots of places can make a wedding cake look good, but they often fall down in the taste department. Not Cakes for Occasions. They won the best wedding cake on the Today Show a couple of years ago and are often featured on Fox's morning show. Those TV shows can pick any bakery in the country and they pick Cakes for Occasions. That says a lot! Head to Danvers or check it out at Have a happy wedding day!

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              We got married in 2004 and our caterer also did wedding cakes. We were just a bit skeptical, but did tastings and we were incredibly impressed and totally happy with our cake. We cared about taste above all, but the cake was also pretty, and they were willing to do anything -- fondant, towers, you name it. Caterer is "Cuisine Chez Vous" in Somerville. P.S. My husband and I are picky and we had NO complaints about Cuisine Chez Vous. I recommend them extremely highly. Service and food were both wonderful.