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Apr 29, 2008 05:53 AM

Cucina Italiana -- anyone try the recipes

My parents just got me a subscription to Cucina Italiana, an Italian cooking magazine (and please don't pull this from Homecooking, Chowhound Team, because I think I'll get the best response here.) I got my first issue and I'm a little underwhelmed. The recipes either seem too complicated, or they consistently have one or two ingredients that make me less excited about the dish. Has anyone tried to make recipes from this magazine? I'm wondering if it's worth the hassle to try the few I found interesting.

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  1. No, I have never tried the recipes but, live a little! Nothing lost in trying the ones that look interesting. I am looking for Italian recipes for the grill. Anything like that in there?

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      I pick up Cucina Italiana from time to time (maybe 3 or 4 a year) and have made only a couple of recipes. I seem to recall they were ok but they don't really stick out in my mind. However, I agree that it can't hurt to give the ones you're interested in a try. I'd be interested in hearing back how they turned out.

      Sarah, I think they sometimes have recipes that could be grilled but I would also suggest you check out Mario Batali's new book "Italian Grill". I just got it and am very excited about the upcoming grill season. His "Molto Italiano" book is one of my favourites so I'm hoping this one is as good.

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        I have to buy it. I watched his videos on Borders Kitchen website and it was great.

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          W-S just got the Batali "Italian Grill" in and I got it today! Tons of great, even if not always totally authentic, recipes.

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            Yes, I think he actually points out in the book that some of the recipes aren't nessecarily what you would find in Italy but rather are inspired by Italian cuisine. Authentic or not, I'm still looking forward to trying some of them out!

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              Me, too. Food evolves in every culture.

      2. I've made a couple of things but wasn't really impressed. The photos lure me in, and I enjoy reading some of the articles, but that's about it.

        1. I had a subscription for 2 years but never cooked anything from the magazine. Like MMRuth the photos lured me, but I soon realized it was one big advertising gambit. But, you never know. I did like reading about various provinces in Italy, and it did make me aware of new Italian imports. Read and enjoy...armchair travel!

          1. It's a nice glossy coffee table magazine and I think the recipes are authentic but I never got too thrilled about the recipes, sort of complex and not that interesting to me, hope that doesnt label me, I just have a feel for what I think will go over well with me and the family.

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              Sounds like people pretty much have the same reaction I did (though I hadn't yet noticed the poor editing and blatant advertising vehicle parts. Thanks for the feedback. I'd rather spend my time trying new Marcella Hazan recipes.

              1. re: vvv03

                I'm so out of it I've never seen or heard of this magazine, but I can certainly relate to Gio's comments about ads in all magazines and particularly those in cooking mags. I actually wrote several complaining letters to Gourmet several years ago when I was a subscriber, about their perfume ads with samples. Nothing like reading a recipe for braised short ribs while smelling Chanel No. 5. I have since canceled the sub.