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Apr 29, 2008 05:39 AM

La Coquina at Grand Cypress

Rumors is that the Sunday brunch will be no more. Anyone else hear of this?

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  1. It closes every summer for about two months. Could that be what was meant?

    1. No I heard it was shutting down permanently.

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      1. re: cccoppage

        I'm intrigued. We just gave the brunch a Dining Hall of Fame award in Orlando Magazine this month, and nobody mentioned that the brunch was ending. The folks involved will be at our awards ceremony on Sunday. I'll try to find them and ask. Where did you hear the rumor?

        1. re: rudykins

          My husband heard about it and I really cannot remember where he got the info. He then called them and point blank asked and they said it may happen. I will be interested to know what you find out. Thanks so much! I just want to eat there one more time if they are closing.

          1. re: cccoppage

            I saw the publicist on Sunday and forgot to ask! But, I read in this week's Orlando Business Journal that the entire hotel is being renovated, included every restaurant. So maybe they'll rethink La Coquina? It's only open 10 months a year, for Sunday Brunch and dinner two or three ngihts a week. Surely they can come up with a more successful concept--although that brunch is extremely popular.