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Apr 29, 2008 04:55 AM

Fairway coming to Pelham in late 2009!


Here's the reply I got. Anyone have an idea where in Pelham they will be?

Thanks for your great interest in Fairway!

We will be opening a store in Pelham in late 2009. In addition, we continue to look for other opportunities in Westchester County.


Aaron J. Fleishaker
Vice President of Real Estate
"Like No Other Market"
2284 12th Avenue
New York, NY 10027

  1. Pelham???

    Excellent. rlee323, my guess would be on Sandford Blvd., down from where Target is. Good for Pelham, a town with foresight.

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    1. re: dolores

      I'm not sure how much politics are involved with bringing Fairway into Pelham but it's great news. I'd encourage everyone to goto and email them and say how excited you are that they are coming - if they see a good response to the news of the store, they might look to add another location further north sooner rather than later...

      1. re: dolores

        Sandford Blvd is Mount Vernon. I'm assuming that it would actually be in Pelham Manor where they have the old retail shopping center along with brand new space across the street on Pelham Pkwy near Boston Post Road.

        1. re: dolores

          oops, I see someone below mentioned Pelham Manor.

        2. My guess, and that's all it is, is that it might go into that shopping center where K-Mart used to be, south on Boston Post Road, right at the Bronx line. That would be the village of Pelham Manor, though.

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          1. re: Pat Hammond

            True, Pat, that's another good location. I didn't realize that K-Mart was gone.

            The best part is that the parking will be free.

          2. Yeah! This is wonderful news and to all the naysayers and the cynics on the post linked below... well, whatever. I'm just happy, happy, happy.


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            1. re: laylag

              Yes, it's certainly good news. But I'd be happier if it were closer to Central (nevermind Northern) Westchester than it is to The Bronx. Even Port Chester would be better. But it's a start, and at least there's no toll.

            2. This made front page news in yesterday's Pelham Weekly. I had to smile; I've been spreading the word since I read it here. It's big news hereabouts, though.

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              1. re: Pat Hammond

                Pat, help me understand something.
                Is Fairway going to occupy the former K-Mart space,
                or is Fairway going to occupy the former Waldbaums space (next to the OTB).
                I really haven't patronized any of the stores in that shopping center since Caldors left years ago and I'm wondering which of the two spaces would be filled. The K-mart had two floors. Could Fairway be considering that space?

                Also, Pat, can you please comment or update us on whether or not this has been corrected ...

                'The shopping center site was a manufactured gas plant (MGP) from the 1800s until 1951 and was redeveloped in 1966 for its current use as commercial/ retail space. Department of Environmental Conservation investigations found indications of the presence of coal tar in the soil and groundwater.'.

                In the meanwhile, I will read this -->

                1. re: Cheese Boy

                  According to an article in the Journal News, Con Ed is cleaning up this site.
                  "Consolidated Edison is doing the site cleanup under a voluntary agreement with the state Department of Environmental Conservation. Soil and groundwater under the shopping center are contaminated with coal tar, a byproduct of the manufactured gas industry.'
                  They estimated that it will take 18 months. Those of us who have had work done in our homes know what an estimated construction time means.

                  1. re: Cheese Boy

                    HI Cheese Boy. Sorry, I don't know for sure which space Fairway will eventually occupy. I've been thinking Kmart, but not for any good reason. I haven't lived here very long; Kmart closed shortly after I moved here.

                    I'm glad your question about the environmental problem was answered by 'lucyis'.

                    1. re: Pat Hammond

                      According to the Journal News "Howie Glickberg, owner of Fairway, said yesterday that he expects to open in a 75,000-square-foot location formerly occupied by Kmart in mid- to late 2009."

                2. So, the first floor of the former K-Mart space will be the new home to Fairway. Thank you all for clearing that up. We will have 75,000 square feet of food attractions to lure us in there like kids to an amusement park. That is going to be *very* difficult to resist. Seriously, who could have asked for a better tenant?

                  And, Fairway is now seen as an anchor store. Everybody wins.

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                  1. re: Cheese Boy

                    Where exactly is this shopping center? South of Home Depot? About how far? I live in Mt. Vernon and that is as far as I usually go on Boston Post Road.

                    1. re: rolise

                      Rolise, 1½ more miles south on Boston Post Rd. The shopping center will be on your right hand side. It's after the gas station on the corner there with the car wash.

                      Fairway --->