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Apr 29, 2008 12:57 AM

Boomer's Sweet Home Chicago

Was looking for a place with good Chicago dogs AND friendly staff; decided to make the trip (Queen Creek to Glendale) and was not disappointed. The jumbo ChiDog was great, along with a generous side of fried zucchini. Though I arrived shortly before closing, the owner and staff were very welcoming. Will definitely stop in again.

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  1. Is this place a Jekyll and Hyde? We live nearby and had seen it recommended awhile back, and went for lunch one Saturday. The hot dogs were not especially great, and I think I had a brat which wasn't either. My husband had a side of limp french fries. I had the fried zucchini, which was straight out of the freezer to the fryer, rather limp and greasy. What are we missing? I have to admit, though, the staff was indeed friendly.

    1. What does a chili dog have to do with a Chicago hotdog? We do not cover up the greatness of a Chicago dog with chili. Chicago hotdog--boiled or steamed (sometimes grilled-a chardog). Mustard, neon green relish, raw chopped onion, tomato, "sport" peppers, celery salt and pickle inside or on the side. A steamed poppy seed bun--usually from Rosen's.

      No ketchup! No chili! Why cover up its gloriousness with red slop?

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        Please read it again. The OP wrote "CHI-dog", not "Chili-dog".

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        1. have you ever tried Higley Hot Dog Hut?? on williams field road and just a hut, but close and good option for a chicago dog (they use all vienna products)

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