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Apr 28, 2008 11:27 PM

Nordstrom's Cafe Bistro

I was at the Westfield Topanga Mall today, and I remember hearing about this little cafe on the top floor of Norstrom's. It was about 4:30, not too crowded. Upon arrival, I grabbed a menu and ordered at the counter. You pay for everything right there. Then you scan the room looking for a choice seat. This is no cafeteria. This is a very nice room with comfortable booths and half booths. Very pleasing to the eye. I found a quiet place to sit, and waited for the food to arrive. Here's what I ordered - a cup of Crab Bisque, the Roast Chicken with Pommes Frites, and some lemonade. I know, I know - not that large of a sample to really get a feel for the place. However, the chicken was so good - crispy skin and juicy tender meat. Truly, one of the better ones I've had. I kept raving about it to my server. It wasn't a traditional half chicken, but it did include the breast and thigh. The Pommes Frites were nice and crisp, but they weren't the usual skinny fries that they serve. They were out of them. These, instead, were were a little bit more plump, but good nevertheless. The entire bill came to about $22.00. Okay, a little much for what I ordered, but worth it. Here's a breakdown:

Cup of Crab Bisque - $4.50
Roast Chicken with Pomme Frites - $13.50
Lemonade - $2.35

Other items on their menu include: French Onion Soup, A Variety of Salads, Brick Oven Pizzas, Sandwiches, Pasta, Salmon, Steak, Drinks/Soda, Beer/Wine, and A Kid's Menu.

A couple more things - the people who work here are very friendly, and I love their open kitchen.

Cafe Bistro
Nordstrom's Department Store - 3rd Floor
21725 Victory Blvd. (Part of the Westfield Topanga Mall)
Canoga Park
Hours: 10:00AM to 9:00PM

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  1. Yeah-I've enjoyed all the Nordstrom Cafes I have been to. I love the parmasean crisps they serve with the tomato bisque. If your sweet tooth is calling I would definately recommend their Boston Creme Pie (more of a cake though).

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    1. re: crystaw

      Boston Cream pie was always a cake and never any kind of a pie.

      1. re: crystaw

        I believe Boston Creme Pie's are a layered cake, not a pie, just a name.

        1. re: justagthing

          Good to know-I obviously wasn't aware of that!

          1. re: crystaw

            I eat at the one in the Westside Pavilion at least once a week. The soups & salads are excellent, & the desserts are tempting (I think they come from somewhere else, though). Good sandwiches, too - especially the California Grill (I get the no-meat version: swiss, avocado, tomatoes & aioli on grilled sour dough), or the tuna on ciabatta. Definitely recommend it. You can sit there & read as long as you want & there aren't usually too many kids. Staff is friendly.

            1. re: sherpa50

              i must say i have soft spot for this cafe, if i ever go i'm kind of dragged there, though not exactly kicking and screaming.

              it's not bad not amazing, simple food, decent prices.

      2. I was always skeptical of the Nordstrom cafes until my mom convinced me to try it. I must admit that I was pleasently surprised. The salad I had was definitely a contender on my list of delicious salads in town. I highly recommend trying the cafe if somebody hasn't.

        1. Dined at Nordstrom in Palo Alto and had great experience with food and service. Acceptable bill amount considering we were 5 people who ate goat cheese salad, chicken barbeque pizza, peperoni pizza plus drinks (coffee and tea). Rec this to anyone.

          1. Yea, Nordstrom has the best (hands down) french onion soup. I've had it all over the country, Europe, Canada; I've had Juile Child's FOS and Nordstrom takes the cake on this one. I raved about it so much that the waiter said, "let me see what I can do for you" and he pulled out the infamous folder, and made a copy of the recipe for me. I was doing backflips!