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Apr 28, 2008 10:36 PM

Westchester: bistrotek and Tompkins Square?

oops.....i meant to search for this. Its in the Custom Hotel in Westchester....maybe if I did a search I could have found something....but I screwed up and posted this by accident. make it new, I'll add the post I was going to add:

I saw it in the F.O. thread...I've never bothered to eat there. I used to drink there in college when it was the Fireside..never ate there either.

Its on Lincoln and Manchester btw.

any feedback on these two spots?

hours, food, etc?

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  1. Yes, let's see a post about Tompkins Square! Inquiring minds want to know.

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      Unfortunately the menu part of their web site is under construction.

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        I went to Tompkins Square in the early afternoon. I was VERY disappointed!

        The service was horrid. The server (Owner?) was on the cell phone the whole time he was taking, serving, and billing my order. When he was not on the phone he was sitting in a booth with a friend and it was difficult to attract his attention.

        The food was not very good. I had the regular burger on an onion roll. For $10 I expected a quality burger. Sadly the beef patty had that gritty texture of USDA non-toxic. (Select) The onion bun was over grilled (outside) ans seemed stale. The condiments were good but you only get 3 including bun, lettuce pickle, etc. Above 3 are charged extra for each.

        True about the not being air conditioned but only slightly too warm and not a real minus on the day I went.

        I had high hopes for a good burger in Westchester but I shall not return.

        The best I have found in the area is at Petrelli's. Good size and cooked to order.

        1. re: Wes

          The burger at Bistrotek is very good.

      2. I have been to Tompkin's Square twice, both being in the last week.
        My gripe about the place is that they don't have a/c at this time...and the first time we went was on a very hot day. The sliders were very good. Their meats are from Nihman Ranch. It was a basic meat and cheese slider but was very good. The next time I made my own cheeseburger. It was good but just a bit too busy to be able to really taste the meat. You gte a choice of bun, cheese, 3 toppings and a sauce.
        There are a few $1 items you can add. I added bacon. The next time I get a burger, I may eat it without the bun. The herb fries and the sweet potato fries were really good. When we got them they were piping hot and were a bit crispy. We liked the greek salad also. The bf got the prosciutto sandwich was okay, but didn't have much meat on it. We wouldn't get that again. The bf actually wanted to go back tonight...but we didn't. I would highly recommend giving it a try.

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        1. re: Tari

          what's the vibe in the place? is it more bar than restaurant?

          1. re: Xericx

            It is more of a neighborhood bar. I just went back a few days ago.
            It is definately worth trying out :)

        2. We went to Tompkins Square last night. It is not in the Custom Hotel (for anyone who read this post and thought that - Bistrotek is in the Custom Hotel). It looks like a hole-in-the wall from the outside, but was nice inside. Maybe 8 booths, 3 community long tables, and seating for about 15 at the bar (these are approx...).

          We got there at about 6:30. The bar seating was full (Dodgers playoff game), the booths were full except for the two big booths that would seat 6 or more, so the two of us jumped into the middle of a community table that was occupied at both ends. Service was good - 20 beers on tap, and a half dozen of the usual in bottles (Coors Light, etc.). Even though almost every seat was full, we had our beers in 5 minutes.

          Menu is small, mostly dominated by the burger section. We ordered the jerk pork skewers to start. They were outstanding,. The pork came with a side, so we ordered the herb fries, and used them to get every bit of the sauce off the plate. They were so good we were recommending the place, based on those skewers alone.

          I ordered the sliders with onion strings as a side, my pal ordered a burger on a whole wheat bun, with jalapenos, cheese, bbq sauce, and lettuce with sweet potato fries. The sliders were great, the bun was grilled, the onions were perfect and the meat cooked to my specification of medium. I loved them, and was sorry I could only manage 2 of the 3 burgers. The onion strings were good, too, not a hint of grease on them.

          My pal's burger was big, almost too big to manage. The bun fell apart after the first bite, which didn't bother him but would have bothered me. The bbq sauce was really good, I swiped a bit for one of my sliders. His sweet potato fries were good, too.

          The food far exceeded our expectations, and the bill was under $50 for both of us with tip. I'd go there again, and try to venture into a few more of the starters.