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Pulled Pork?

I am lookig for a location where I can eat a good pulled pork sandwhich in Los Angeles? I am from East L.A./ S.G.V. are, but will take a drive if the food is worth it. Please post your thoughts. Thank you.

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  1. Best pulled pork I have had in SoCal, by far, is at Porky's. Their pulled pork sandwich is a massive portion heaped on a toasted bun with slaw on one side. The meat is tender, moist, succulent, with crispy bits. Their Inglewood location is on the north side of Manchester east of La Brea and west of the Forum. They just opened a new branch in Long Beach.

    1. Oinkster. And the fries are pretty tasty as well.


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        Second this recommendation in Eagle Rock.

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          I third this recommendation. I haven't been to Porky's, but Oinkster has the best pulled pork I've had in CA so far. It's smoky. Not quite as good as NC though; it's a bit lean and undersalted.

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            Hmmmm.... I was hoping to really like Oinkster, but having recently moved from NC, I found the pork bbq to be a poor imitation. Overly lean meat without any parts that actually seem to have been close to a fire at any time. The bread left a lot to be desired - fell apart before halfway finishing the sandwich.

            Looking forward to trying out Gus soon though!

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              unfortunately, as gets posted on this board every couple years or so, there is no nc-style bbq in LA. i'm buying a smoker soon, though, and i hope to just make my own.

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              I'm a big fan of Oinkster's burger and fries, but I do not like their pulled pork. Too watery.

          2. we recently ate at the newly re-opened "gus's bbq" in south pasadena on fair oaks. had excellent pulled pork and brisket.

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              After eating at the new Gus's over the weekend I think it's officially become the best BBQ place in Pasadena, possible the SGV. We were also very pleased with their baby back ribs and spicy BBQ sauce.

            2. JayBees Ribs in Carson (near Cal State Dominguez) does it very well. Corner of San Pedro and Avalon (actually where the 2 streets meet).

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                JayBee's is not in Carson. It's in Gardena.

                The pulled pork sandwich is great *IF* you like more sauce than meat, bland sauce (even when ordering hot), and strange pieces of fat mixed in.

              2. We recently had the pulled pork at both Gus's BBQ and Porky's. Porkys is more flavorful and tender, but that's probably because Gus's is leaner. Porky's has a nice char on parts of it, also. Both are good but I'd give the nod to Porky's.

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                  And when you get tired of pulled pork, you can't beat the Golden Bird fried chicken and charming staff at Porky's (at least at the Inglewood location -- I haven't yet tried the new place in LB).

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                    The folks at Porky's in Inglewood could not be nicer, cheerful and more helpful, from Vera the co-owner (now at Long Beach) to the order-takers and cooks and down to the bussers. Really nice. The pulled pork is still my favorite, but I also like the brisket and the spareribs (much better than the baby backs or the beef ribs). I do not think they are frying the Golden Bird chicken at the new LB branch.

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                      Just to update this recommendation - Porky's Inglewood location (which was open when nosh recommended here) is now closed. This information is offered to those who may come to this thread in the future in order to save them an unnecessary trip.

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                    I was reading about Gus's pulled pork, and noticed that steaming plays a prominent role in its production, as I think it does in Oinkster's. I suspect that Porky's is probably real honest-to-no-s**t BARBECUE, judging from the "nice char" observation, which is harder to do (and let's not get started on Carbon Footprints!) but yields superior results - IF it's done properly.

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                      I am pretty sure Porky's pulled pork is real BBQ - no steam there! That accounts for the difference in texture. And Mel Gee - yes I am a big fan of Golden Bird chicken which to me is the best fried chicken anytime, anywhere. I've been eating it since high school and that's a really long time, longer than I care to admit!

                  3. Next time you go to Disneyland go to Cafe Orleans for a pulled pork sandwich. A big'o pile of moist Ms. White (No Mr. Brown here) on a very fresh roll. What puts this sandwich over the top is that perfect slaw that comes on the side which you can pile unto the sandwich.

                    1. Just don't expect carolina style pulled pork from any place. some places like gus's or zeke's always claim to have it, but it's just pulled pork without any nc-style vinegar sauce, etc. worse, they're always served with regular bbq sauce, which is practically criminal when you call something nc-style. it's a shame... zeke's has pretty good meat and then they give you what they call a "carolina-style mustard sauce." went to visit there with some friends who have spent time in all parts of carolina (including myself), and they served us a bizarre concoction called "carolina mustard bbq sauce." while it wasn't half bad, i just don't like it when restaurants artificially tie something to a region or style when it's clear they have no idea what they're talking about.

                      Oh, and avoid Robin's in Pasadena at all costs. I'd describe their pulled pork as eating the worst, dry flavorless carnitas ever, except that i don't want to insult carnitas.

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                        Oinkster does use a vinegar sauce.

                      2. I had Jay Bee's pork shoulder sandwich today. It's more of chopped pork than pulled.

                        JayBee's BBQ
                        15915 S Avalon Blvd, Gardena, CA 90248

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                          I want to thank everyone who has left their recommendations. I am definately going to try these places. I might go to Gus's some time this week. Porky's sounds delicious, and I will try them next. I will eventually get to them all, and report back on them. Once again thanks.

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                            i'd simply say avoid robins at all costs no matter what you want to order!
                            the food.
                            the prices.
                            the service

                            1. re: MaryT

                              I heard a lot of good things about Robins so finally I went there (this was about a year ago). Never went back. Not worth the time or the money. The bbq is only average.

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                              I notice no one has recommended Baby Blues on Lincoln in Venice, but they do have North Carolina BBQ. I think there's some bias there, tho, people are very particular about their 'cue.

                              I believe the chef/owner is from there, and makes a decent pulled pork sandwich., with the slaw on top. The bbq sauce is more tomatoey & spicy than authentic. But I go there when I'm having cravings. Other menu items are well spiced, and not sweet bbq at all. But their macaroni & cheese is off the hook!!! One day I will get the recipe, even if it kills me ( literally!)

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                                Also, a second branch is coming to WEHO on Santa Monica at Hayworth. My countdown to 500# begins when they open

                                1. re: rednyellow

                                  So you're going to be losing a few pounds after BB's opens in WeHo then? ;-D>

                                  1. re: Servorg

                                    ha ha!!! no. I see my weight doubling.

                                  2. re: rednyellow

                                    I'm really worried Baby Blues is expanding too quickly. The quality of the ribs has been wildly inconsistent the past few months. Every time I think they're back on track, I have a rack that hasn't spent enough time in the smoker for the fat to properly render.

                                    1. re: a_and_w

                                      Probably due to inconsistent or incompetent help, as opposed to the recipe. They are perpetually crowded, and do a lot of catering business, and that will usually make for inconsistent products.

                            3. Johnny Rebs' Southern Roadhouse is where I get my North Carolina style 'cue. The sandwich is piled high with slaw on the side and Lexington style sauce. You can even get pulled pork with breakfast...grits and country ham, too!

                              16639 Bellflower Blvd, Bellflower, CA 90706, USA
                              Johnny Rebs' Southern Roadhouse
                              4663 Long Beach Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90805, USA Closed for remodel post fire
                              Johnny Rebs' Southern Roadhouse
                              2940 E Chapman Ave, Orange, CA 92869, USA
                              Johnny Rebs
                              15051 7th St Victorville CA

                              1. The "Okie Pork" sandwich (dry, with the house-made "hot sauce" on the side - you MUST order it this way or you will get a kinda fatty jus ladled on your otherwise excellent sandwich rendering it wet and hard-to-handle) @ Pecos Bills on Victory (Glendale / Burbank border), just above Rancho Park, is the best I've found in my 15 years here since growing up in S. C.

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                                  Just because I had to look it up doesn't mean everybody else should have to:

                                  Pecos Bill's BBQ
                                  1551 Victory Boulevard
                                  Glendale, CA 91201
                                  (818) 241-2750

                                2. Bludso's pulled pork will shut out anything in the near by area, including Porky's, and my god, let us not even consider Johnny Reb's as food.

                                  Previous writeup on Bludso's here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/577719

                                  1. I'm also from the East L.A./SGV neck of the woods. Try The Oinkster in Eagle Rock. It is pretty good, but there seems to be some debate on this one. Also, Gus' in South Pasadena does a pretty decent version. There used to be a place near Dodger Stadium (The Sunset side) that did a nice version. It was called BBQ King, but I'm not sure if it is open any more.

                                    2005 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90041

                                    Gus's Barbeque
                                    808 Fair Oaks Ave, South Pasadena, CA 91030

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                                      No, I believe they finally closed - they were good tho.

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                                        Hey, I just found out that BBQ Kiing is still around. Apparently they moved to Vermont. 5309 S Vermont Ave, Los Angeles. The number is 323 750-1064. I just called and they confirmed they are the same guys and have the same Q. I'm so geeked, I may stop by tonight after work. If I do, will report back soon.

                                        1. re: ohdaylay

                                          South Vermont, as in the hood? Okay, I'll try it for lunch, next time I'm downtown. Good to know, thanks. But Baby Blues still hits the spot for the westside, my part of town.

                                          And on weekends, we take the kids to the Bear Pit, again, not mentioned in any of these posts, not sure why, but it is Missouri (KC) bbq, defintely not southern. But my husband's family's been going for years, and the pork sandwich (sliced loin, not pulled shoulder) is the bomb on the garlic cheese toast. And I've mentioned in the home cooking board that their slaw is my hands-down favorite - no mayo.

                                          BTW, they're in Mission Hills. I know, it's a hike!

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                                            Yup, the hood. Check it out on Google, it looks really gully. But, if the food is the same, worth the trip. Where is Bear Pit? Sounds good. Agreed, Baby Blues is pretty yummy.

                                            1. re: ohdaylay

                                              Take the 405 North to the 118. My husband usually drives, so I'm not paying attention to the streets, but you take the Devonshire exit, right off exit, left on Sepulveda and it's on the left immediately after the 118 overpass.

                                              Can't miss it, and their wood fire has been going (supposedly) for over 40 years. Worth the trip on a weekend, kid friendly, decent prices, outrageous homemade pickles and open all day. Also does take out.

                                            2. re: Phurstluv

                                              Phurstluv, it sounds like the Bear Pit is a nostalgic favorite in your family, so I'm sorry to say that I had no success on a recent visit. (Brief report at: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/600203 .) They served me what was probably the most dried-out, unpalatable BBQ I've ever eaten, and I ordered a large combo plate that included most of their meats. I'd go to Tony Roma's before returning to the BP, unless you can tell me I didn't order the right thing or hit them at a bad time (on a moderately busy Monday night around 7).

                                              1. re: sbritchky

                                                You ordered the wrong thing. It is a nostalgic favorite, and we douse our sandwiches with the sauce, but we still love it!

                                      2. Ate at the new location in WeHo and wasn't impressed by the Pulled Pork. The meat was very bland and was so moist, it felt like it was boiled. It was swimming in juice. I couldn't bring myself to eat it. I've had BBQ all over the country and wasn't knocked out. They offered to sub the Brisket and that was more like braised shredded beef than KC or TX brisket. I couldn't really taste the meat. When I didn't eat the pork, the waitress offered to sub the beef (she was very nice), when the beef wasn't any better, the manager came to the table. He was very nice and took the beef off the bill. But I didn't really want a 'free meal". I wanted some really good BBQ.

                                        That said...I know they just opened. So I may give them another chance. I will say that I think the prices are high. The sides were good, but I go to a BBQ restaurant for meat. The reason I am posting is to ask "did I order the wrong things?". I like ribs, but I am a big Pulled Pork and Brisket fan.

                                        I saw a lot of people ordering chicken (which I never order at a BBQ place) and the waitress said the seafood is the best thing there (which I thought was weird). I realize that WeHo isn't a city known for BBQ, but it is close.

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                                          I say skip the pulled pork (I, too, found it oddly watery) and brisket at BB -- it's all about the long ribs and chicken.

                                        2. The Boxer Cafe in Venice Beach, right across from the Muscle Pit - Check out their facebook page. Pulled Pork in any shape and size. Serve it with Mac and Cheese and they call it Love in a Bowl. Sliders, quesadillas...yum

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