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Apr 28, 2008 08:27 PM

Flour free desserts- Dade/Broward

Does anyone know where one can buy a cake without flour and preferably no sugar? ( I know, sounds deelish.)

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  1. I saw that UVA 69 in Miami has flourless chocolate cake. I am not sure if they sell the entire cake though but since they double as a bakery, I figure it can't hurt to ask.

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      if you are buying it for someone who cannot consume gluten (the protein found in wheat and any flour made of wheat), don't trust the flour-less versions -- many are dusted with flour..or as I found out, some even have a bottom "crust" or "base" that contains flour.

      I have found no gluten-free bakeries in South Florida. However, I can recommend one amazing GOOD pre-packaged gluten-free mix: Bob's Red Mill Chocolate Cake Mix.. if you follow the instructions EXACTLY (gluten-free baking is different than regular baking) you will come up with a cake or cupcakes that are not overly sweet and that are moist, rich, and utterly delicious.

      You can purchase the mix at Whole Foods. You will need 1 cup of milk, fresh lemon juice, 2 large eggs and warm water to make the batter.

      Test for done-ness at the suggested time -- in experience it takes a few minutes longer than stated.

    2. HAving a husband who has celiac, I have been on a long search for flourless cakes. I agree that there are some good gluten free cake mixes out there. If you dont want to bake, Whole Foods, actually has a Gluten free baking facility and have a few cakes that you can find in the freezer section. They are not iced, but that is not hard to do. If you do find a flourless cake, please let me know because I woulod be eager to try

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        Whole Foods has some pretty nice gluten- free baked goods (the blueberry muffins are quite good, the pies nice, and the "cream biscuits" are extremely tasty) -- but, be warned, they've flunked on the bread (IMO buying a petrified log would be tastier and have better texture). And, sadly, all the best stuff is frozen.

        1. re: karmalaw

          I will go this weekend and report back. Thanks!

      2. Oh wow, not everyday do you see a discussion like this! I am also a "celiac" and well I am always in search of the Gluten free specialties. I have not found a cake and I agree that the "flourless cakes" do contain gluten, tyhey use flour for the sticky prevention ;)
        Anyhow, My hubbie for VDay this past Feb went out of his way to make up for my craving of cakes when I see him eat one :( He did buy at Whole foods one of the cake mixes they sell (the yellow cake one) and made this extraordinarily delicious apple crumb cake with that mix. It came out pretty well considering he NEVER cooks and hates it too! Let me know if you guys find anything. I have always wondered if a Gluten free/wheat free bakery would run, or at least a bakery that offers these as an option...kind of a "made to order" right!?

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        1. re: SarahOM

          The problem with them as a made-to-order option is cross contamination. :-(

          I make a mean cupcake though (in my gluten-free kitchen).. so maybe I should share...

        2. Hello,
          I am not sure if you are still in the market for flour free/gluten free products however I am would be able to help you in your search for gluten free items. I own a company called Grainless Kitchen & Sugar Temptations and we manufacture gluten free meals (catering) and custom cakes and other desserts. Our website is still under construction however please feel free to look at it ( We do custom cakes for ALL occassions and believe me you'll never know that the gluten is missing! I myself am gluten free as i was diagnosed with Celiac Disease 8 years ago

          1. Hello,
            I was just wonderin if you ever acquired any flourless & sugarless recipes?

            I'm not sure about gluten but my mom was told she can have wheat but no flour nor sugar. I am trying to find cakes for birthdays and just any pastries she can enjoy.

            Thank You.