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Working at 46th & 12th!

I now spend long days at 46th & 12th-lunch is usually delivery or a very quick walk. Can you give me some ideas that are close and/or deliver? Would love to find great Chinese (particularly dumplings), Thai, sushi (not too expensive), good salads and perhaps a bakery. Will be in your debt!

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  1. You are the proverbial stone's throw away from Daisy May's BBQ, on the corner of 11th & 46th, which has some of the best 'cue around.


    Amy's Bread is on 9th, near 46th. In addition to fabulous bread, there is a menu of sandwiches, salads, sweets, etc.


    1. Azuri Cafe (51st Street near Tenth Avenue) has great salads.

      1. Many of these do not fall within the cuisines you mention, however, they are all excellent places within walking distance. While Daisy May happens to be really good bbq, it's just about the only place within a stone's throw, unfortunately. I don't believe I have ever eaten any sushi or chinese in that neighborhood, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it can't be found. I hope this helps.

        695 10th Ave, New York, NY 10036

        Sullivan Street Bakery
        533 W 47th St, New York, NY 10036

        Little Pie Company
        424 W 43rd St, New York, NY 10036

        Pam Real Thai
        404 W 49th St, New York, NY 10019

        Pam Real Thai Encore
        402 W 47th St, New York, NY 10036

        Poseidon Bakery
        629 9th Ave, New York, NY 10036

        McQuaid's Public House
        589 11th Ave, New York, NY 10036

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          oops, forgot Hallo Berlin, very popular midtown German spot on 10th Ave. between 44th and 45th.

        2. i will strongly agree with the daisy may recommendation. although not listed in your criteria, it may be worth a try. they deliver anywhere.

          i would take sullivan st bakery over amy's anyday. imo, there's no comparison with respect to both the breads and desserts.

          9th ave and W40s has a sea of thai restaurants that will deliver. none of them are outstanding but, as vvvindaloo mentioned below, pam thai and pam thai encore are probably the best of the bunch. bangkok house and yum yum bangkok are ok.

          i will recommend starwich near W42 bet 10 and 11th for lunch items. i like their sandwiches a lot and it seems they have several interesting salads on their menu.
          they will deliver.

          sandwich planet is on w40 and 9th. many have spoken very highly of their sandwiches on this board. i have not yet tried them. again, they deliver and they seem to have an array of salads on their menu. i 've tried to cut and paste the menupages link here but something seems to be malfunctioning.

          you may want to look into a place called say cheese that i have yet to try . it is on 9th avenue. rice and beans and island burger may also be worth a try. i realize none of these are in your criteria.

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            I've got to agree with everything nativenyer said. Sullivan's is by far superior to Amy's. And Starwich is a good suggestion in that area as well.

            DH likes Carve, though I haven't been to it.

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              I agree with most of these suggestions but you can probably skip Say Cheese.

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                hi, a and w. i'd love to hear your thoughts about say cheese. i haven't tried it yet but i've been sort of curious. what have you tried there and what did you think? sometimes these unusual, hole in the wall places wind up being great surprises. thanks.

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                  I wanted to to like this place. During the first year they were open, I would order from them pretty regularly, usually the chicken melt or the chicken pesto. Over the course of that year, the ingredients got progressively skimpier and the sandwiches often weren't properly pressed (i.e., either burnt or undercooked). I finally gave up when they started messing up my orders and keeping erratic hours. I honestly thought they would soon be closing.

                  Still, that was three or four years ago, and they're still going strong. So perhaps they've worked out the food and service kinks.

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                    Ah. Okay. Thanks. I'll share my impression if I wind up trying it.
                    The menupages reviews, found at this link below, seem to echo your thoughts:


            2. Ollies on 44th Street and Broadway
              Many choices of dumplingst and generally okay Chinese (they have uber fast delivery and it's practically to your door by the time they hang up the phone.
              )Kodama Sushi on 45th and 9th
              Reasonably priced sushi, and relatively cheap lunch deals. They have a king crab salad with avocado that is one of my favories.

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                Haven't been to that Ollie's but have been to the one on the UWS (the one in the 60s and 80s and the one near Columbia) and didn't like the food at all. But I think I've recently read that they are supposed to have good Sichuan food there.

              2. isn't there a tony luke's cheesesteak around there? also, not sure if the zen palate on 9th avenue is still open, but they'd have some options.

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                  yes, i think the tony luke place is now shorty's which is definitely a cheesesteak place (9ave and 42nd). i've pasted a link below. i've only tried it once - just a couple of months ago immediately after trying 99 miles to philly on 3rd near w12th. i felt that the shorty's cheesesteak was far superior than the cheesesteak i tried at 99 miles to philly. the meat was very juicy, had a great taste and they gave an ample amount. the meat at 99 miles was so incredibly dry and tasteless. it was really bad. i didn't expect this at all after reading the rave reviews but their fries were by far better than the ones at shorty's . ugggh!!!

                  shorty's :

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                    I would avoid Zen Palate like the proverbial plague. The food is awful!

                  2. As people mentioned, there is Sullivan St. Bakery on 47th bet 10 & 11. I'm not big into sandwiches so I am more into looking for low-carb well priced lunches so can't say much in that aspect. Most of the restos are on 9th avenue. However, there is a Thai place on 10th bet 45th and 46th called Oleng. The ingredients are very fresh and the food is good. I love their fried calamari - actually shows up at your door crispy not soggy. Imagine. It's a VERY small place so don't plan on showing up with a ton of your colleagues. There is also a Japanese place called Oyishi on 46th (and I think 10th). I haven't tried the sushi there, but when I have the need to eat fish, I order their salmon teriyaki.The lunch specials are priced really well. For $5.95 - 7.95 you can get a lunch combo which includes rice, salad, miso soup AND rolls (or shumai). And that includes your choice of meat (ie chicken katsu, beef/salmon teriyaki, etc). They also have sushi lunch specials, too. Really good deal. For Salads, I just go to Lenny's, but it's on 9th and 44th. For Chinese - yeesh - So many yet so terrible. I tried Ollie's and agad. The only one I can think of closest to you would be Westside Cottage II (9th and 46-47th)- the meat and veggies are clean and fresh but dear god, the fried rice that comes with the lunch specials is awful. Maybe the regular menu fried rice is better - haven't tried tho. Hope that helps.