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Apr 28, 2008 07:14 PM

Father, I love you...Take me to your Office!

Just got back from the Los Angeles branch of Father's Office. I love it!!!!! I never went to the one in Santa Monica. I had the burger with sweet potato fries and a beer called something like 1904. I really like the atmosphere. I like that there is no table service and that it is just a no frills bar. It makes it very casual and friendly. You are carded at the door like a bar and have to order at the bar with the option of keeping your tab "open." I saw two big girls smuggling in some ketchup. A clueless table of octogenarians asking for EVERYTHING on the side. The poor bartender had to keep saying "no, no, no."

My burger was delicious. The sweet smoky onion compote dancing with the bitter arugala. Funky cheese and a hoppy beer tasting in the back of the tongue. The sweet potato fries were delicious. Nothing out of this world. Very similar to the Bowery fries. Although FO fries come with a blue cheese aioli.

Lots of wood. Bare lightbulbs with thick filaments. Two television sets. Lots of knobs. I felt that this bar would be better suited in Highland Park or South Pasadena not on the border of Culver City. The man sitting next to me kept commenting to the bartender how Culver City needed something like "this." Something casual with no attitude and good food I assumed. I agreed. The eastside has its fill of this. Time to spread the wealth.

The bartender told me that Sang is working on a dessert milkshake with a Stout base. I can't wait!!!

Full bar. Beers were reasonable...most ~5 bucks.

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  1. You still haven't been to FO in Los Angeles, (since it's in Culver City). But that quibble aside, it is a great place for a beer and a Yoon burger. Hopefully the new location will take some of the pressure off of the SM location and everyone will go home happy and well fed. Thanks for taking the time to post.

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    1. re: Servorg

      Not to be nitpicky, but FO on Helms is not within the Culver City city limits. It is in LA.

      1. re: love2eat

        I have ketchup all over my Google Maps, (I would have said my Thomas Guide but they are being driven out of the lexicon with the rise of GPS mapping and Google). 90034 is indeed LA and not CC. And I don't mind you being nitpicky. When it comes to finding good food, good directions are of paramount importance. And again, thanks for posting your review.

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          Not to mention that the FO website specifically refers to it as its LA location.

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            I'm glad you enjoyed your experience! I too adore it, as I've always adored the SM location too. Since we're nit-picking, there's no blue cheese in the aioli, just tons of delicious garlic. The future milkshake sounds superb!

            1. re: hrhboo

              actually they have two aiolis- one blue cheese, one garlic... BOTH VERY DELISH. :)

              1. re: namstermonster

                I think they definitely gave me the blue cheese one with my fries.

                1. re: love2eat

                  Thanks for the clarification. I am so sad that I never got the blue cheese aioli! Must go back for it soon.

          2. re: Servorg

            Actually FO is in Los Angeles, not Culver City.

            This is common in LA.

            I live in Torrance, but I have a redondo beach address. I have a friend who lives in LA but has a beverly hills address.

          3. How was the crowd wehn you went? What time did you go? What day?

            "The bartender told me that Sang is working on a dessert milkshake with a Stout base. I can't wait!!!"

            Then make one yourself! :) Get a bison chocolate stout, a really nice vanilla or chocolate ice cream, a shot or two of heavy cream and there you go. Some cocoa nibs in there wouldn't be amiss. Throw in some dired malt extract or malted milk balls. Coffee Ice cream would work well, too.

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            1. re: Diana

              I was there yesterday, Monday. Got there around 5:30pm. Tons of tables and bar stools available at that time. There were a lot of thirty-something guys sitting at the bar. Beer buffs. Trying to outsmart the bartender. A couple artsy folks who looked as if they just got off work at their local gallery. The tables were filled with groups of what looked to be co-workers. Then there was the geriatric table of 80 year-olds. It was a little more crowded by the time I left around 6:30pm but you could still snag a table or a seat at the bar.

              Also, forgot to mention in the original post that there is ample free parking in the lot across the street from the restaurant. The one towards Venice on Helms.

              I could also make a cheeseburger myself but it wouldn't taste the same as FO. Always being sassy, Diana. ;)

              1. re: love2eat

                well, I was born in Atlanta-a little southern sass is in my blood!

                Sounds like Monday or possibly Thursday early evening would be the time to go! Drink a beer or two, then order a burger, and fianlly try the new place out.

                Those guys could have been Falcons. Sounds like the typical Falcon.

            2. I went to FO2 last week. Had the curry/lime mussels--excellent, sweet potato fries which I guess everyone already knows are excellent. And a beer from their extra-special beer menu: fantastic! If you're into beers, you'll be paying $8++ Looking forward to returning to try the cocktails.

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              1. re: slacker

                I am a huge fan of the mussels. I only wish they gave you more bread to sop up every last bit of juice.

                  1. re: Diana

                    They give you more bread. LOL. You just have to ask sweetly. Sang is not the nazi people make him out to be.

              2. The original comment has been removed
                1. Went again last night. Got there at 7:15. Unlike at 5pm we had to wait 45 minutes in line. It was pretty excruciating. Ate outside. Those recessed heaters are nice. Started with the olives, harissa, and garlic. These were delicious. Then came my steak frites. It was alright. Nothing spectacular. The steak was slathered with some type of pesto sauce. On the side was a salad and the french fries. French fries were cut thin and came with a garlic aioli. I won't order this dish again. It just felt like the 9.95 special steak dinner at Norm's. Only this steak was about double the price.

                  For drinks, I started with the Negroni. Very good. Then I tried the Craftsman Cabernale. Its basically an ale made from cabernet grapes. It was interesting and heavy. Definitely tasted like red wine mixed with beer. I tried my friends manhattan which was way to sour and citrusy for me. He felt the same way.

                  I still want to go again to try the grilled asparagus. The short ribs looked good too.

                  Also wanted to point out how friendly and helpful the staff is...even under hectic busy conditions. They were smart and hired plenty of help. About four people are outside at all times helping people find open tables and asking if things are okay. Bartenders are friendly and happy to explain certain dishes. I don't understand the heat they are getting in other threads about the bad and surly service. Maybe that is at the SM location.