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Apr 28, 2008 06:14 PM

Cafe Routier Of Late

I'm curious to obtain any recent feedback on the food at Routier of late. It's menu looks like a snapshot of last spring, no major "changes". And is the same night manager on from last year? He was curt with my husband last year. CT shoreline needs some new spots , the old places are a bit drab and trite.

Perhaps the Char is a good as last might make me put some $4 gas in my car and try it again if I can get past the "help desk".

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. The Gascon menu a couple of months ago (see had some very nice things on it, but has now been replaced by an Indian menu ( I haven't tried yet. The Seasonal menu has changed recently, too.

        We've rarely had anything at Cafe Routier that wasn't first rate. I guess, when I think about it, that I've been less than pleased with the host, but I'm more than willing to put up with him in order to enjoy everything else about the place. If his presence drives others away, that just makes it easier to get a table ... :-) But CHers surely will persevere.

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        1. I've said this before on this board - I like my food without drama. It's the reason I won't ever go to Sally's Apizza again, and after hearing about the manager of Cafe Routier, I would not ever set foot into the place.

          I don't care how good the food is, if it's not presented with hospitality, I don't want it, and I really don't want them taking my hard-earned money (especially these days).

          Shame on the owners for not recognizing that going to a restaurant is not all about the food. It's about the experience.

          1. re: Zina

            You are, of course, entitled to your opinion, but you'll miss out if you let the (really very minor) annoyance of the guy on the desk keep you out of Cafe Routier. The rest of the staff are in general quite attentive and competent. The experience overall bears no resemblance to Sally's.

            But hey, if you don't go, I can have your table.

            1. re: linguist

              HA HA. I feel exactly the same way when people complain about standing in line at O'Rourke's (more room for me, then!). ;)

              I've never been--what are some favorites at Cafe Routier?

              1. re: linguist

                I just think of the guy at the front as your typical NYC small bistro host - you know - Whaddya want? - doesn't bother me - but then again - I was raised in NYC so those attitudes when there is great food involved is of no concern to me - - esp if the wait staff is great - which they are at CR

                1. re: few

                  Where is it? All I can figure out from the post is "CT shore"!

                  1. re: ciclista

                    It's in Westbrook, CT. Perhaps the mods can add that to the title?


                    Cafe Routier Bistro & Lounge
                    1353 Boston Post Road, Westbrook, CT 06498

          2. Not to keep this thread going forever, but I was at Cafe Routier again last night, presenting the picture most likely to get bad treatment in restaurants: the single diner. Everyone was cordial, welcoming and competent. The most I can find to complain about is the fact that it took the bartender a while to pour my second beer, though I did see the waiter pestering him about it...

            The Indian menu was surprisingly good, though it won't make you forget Thali. The three first courses (mulligatawny soup, goat and lamb curries) were both small main courses rather than the things you might expect as starters. The goat curry was quite good. The Vindaloo was about as hot as Western palates are prepared to enjoy, and really very good. I think they ought to go back to south of France/Italy/Germany/etc. for the special menu, but this one was certainly worth trying and shows off the kitchen's versatility.