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Best Moules Frites in Manhattan?

Looking for recos.... !

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  1. First place that leaps to mind is Jubilee on East 54th street.

    1. I haven't tried too many around the city, but last fall I had some tasty ones at Jane. The mussels were almost too salty, but the broth was very flavorful aside from that, and the slight hint of rosemary on the fries was really, really, great, especially dipped in the mussels liquid.

        1. I'll second Bruxelles, and add Markt and L'Enfants Terribles and Casanis. I've never had either an amazingly good or an amazingly bad version of moules frites, come to think of it. They've all been fine. Of course, I'd probably eat a stick if it came in a saffron cream sauce.

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            Second the Markt recommendation. Great crispy fries and interesting sauces for the moules.

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              Third Bruxelles and still best fries in NYC after all these years

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                I'll FOURTH Bruxelles. Great moules frites. Generous portions. Great atmosphere.

                Not to mention the nice Belgian beers.

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                While I love Casa Mono, there are no frites w/the moules.

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                  true. but i love the sausage with the moules.

              2. I know that people will come out when I make this recommendation, but I would try Les Halles on park avenue south. Their fries are excellent and their mussels are good also. They may not be original, but they are good. I have to say that it is pretty hard to make bad mussels! You let them simmer 7 minutes and they are done. It is pretty cheap to make at home and you never miss them!

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                  I am glad you said Les Halles, too. I know so many people do not care for this place, but I happen to love the moules w/ frites there. I have not been back since December, but I really like them. Especially with pernod..soo good!!

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                    I will third that. The only thing that I really enjoy at Les Halles is the moules and frites. They happen to be really good. I usually go there and order just that and a drink and noting else.

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                    I thought they were good, but I like Bruxelles better.

                  2. Markt, no contest. Six kinds.

                    1. I had very very tasty mussels at Petite Abeille recently. Their are a few different locations around the city. The fries were nice, too. Crispy outside, but nice and fluffy inside. I was pleasantly surprised, because we had only stopped by for a quick beer but they looked so good!

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                        Love the frites at Petite Abeille and all the other food I've tried, but I actually have never tried the mussels, although I've heard they're good... have to make it soon.

                      2. i just went to Bruxelles tonight and although the broth was tasty and salty just like i like it----- ALL my moules were endowed with (how do i put this delicately) extremely large "poo sacs" that really, really ruined the taste for me. I've had Moules Frites at many french bistros and Markt, but never encountered the extremely large "poo sacs" that burst in my mouth as i chewed---seriously, the flavor was so hard to take, i couldn't finish. Has this happened to anyone else?

                        The fries were excellent but you get a small silver cup of them. Where's the large plate of 'em? i want more!! not fair.

                        i think i will stick to Markt next time.

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                          I've never noticed the "poo sac" phenomenon. The fries are refillable--you can ask for more when you're done w/the silver cup.

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                            POO SACS??!!

                            I did not notice this... weird!

                          2. Jacques on 84th and 3rd. The place is kind of a little hole on the wall. But great moules frites. Go for the Basquaise..Garlic, tomatoe, saffron. Great fries and you will definitely need lots of bread.

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                              I totally forgot baout this place!! I love their ravioli too!!! The blue cheese burgers are awesome, too!

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                                i had a bad experience at jaques once.. not the food.. we had asked to have a private room for a surprise anniversary party, and they started seating people in that room

                                we worked it out, but they just were not on top of it