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Apr 28, 2008 05:45 PM

lunch recommendation near 60 state street?

working in that building for next four days.
probabaly hit sakura bana
union oyster house.
what am i missing?

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  1. Quickies: Sultan's Kitchen and Al's State Street Cafe for, respectively, good Turkish and Italian subs on great homemade bread

    Not-so-quickies, but fairly nearby: Sel de la Terre for country French, Neptune Oyster in the North End for modern seafood and raw bar with a slight European twist (at most five minutes past Union Oyster), Silvertone for upscale comfort food (5 - 10 minute walk)

    1. Chacarero on Province Street is an absolute must for a quick lunch.

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        Also on Province Street is Sam LaGrassas, more great sandwiches there.

      2. Take a stroll to the North End on your last day (hopefully it will be sunny) and stop in to Artu and get the Stuzzicante sandwich - Provolone, salami, coppa and marinated eggplant.