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Apr 28, 2008 05:33 PM

Pinisi cafe does it again - "Sexy Coco Fluff" - for those who like it not-too-sweet

Walked by my local bakery/cafe today, Pinisi on 4th street and 1st, and tried a heavenly new cake: the "Sexy Coco Fluff". It's very simple: Moist chocolate cake, but instead of buttercream frosting, it's topped with whipped cream clouds of silky, fluffy, white marshmallow meringue that could float away.

For those who can't stand sickly sweet cupcakes (to me, magnolia's frosting is like reconstituted powdered sugar---cavity overload), or those who reminisce of chinese-bakery style cakes with the whipped cream frosting, this frosting is better --- airy, egg-white-laden to give it body, a touch of vanilla; the overall flavor is like baked alaska.

this cake is perfect for people who don't have a super sweet tooth---but appreciate light desserts that are created with a light hand in the sugar bin. I highly recommend this cake! the cupcake is pictured here but the cake has more whipped meringue all around; enough to have a cloud with each bite.

If you're looking for a much richer chocolate cupcake at Pinisi, try the Cannoli cupcake -- chocolate cupcake with cannoli filling as the frosting. studded with choc chips, it's also very yummy but sweeter.

and of course, they still have the Ghost Chille cupcakes!


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  1. Stopped by and got the spicy peanut butter and chocolate cupcake. Cake base was light and fluffy, but not super chocolately (I'd prefer a darker, moister cake) but the frosting was great! Rich peanut butter and chocolate, and a slow burn that gradually intensified into a spicy kick! Dang.