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Apr 28, 2008 05:30 PM

Tell Me About Your Pesach Hotel Experience

Anyone go to a great Pesach hotel that they would like to share with me?

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  1. Great? Not this year. Just beware of middle aged British people sporting snoods and yarmulkas that harass 70 something women over percieved "stolen" beach chairs so much that the police had to be called (on hotel property, and in front of the Pesach program manager). Unfortunately Ft Lauderdale police don't believe in "assault" the way I think NYPD would.

    Oh, and the food was not bad. The steaks and prime ribs were over cooked for my taste (well done, but not burnt) although the chicken and lamb dishes were done perfectly, as were most of the salads. I didn't find the food quite as "five star" as I've had on other programs, but maybe they all cut back because of the increase in the price of food between now and the past few years. (Majestic Retreats at the Sheraton Yankee Trader in Fort Lauderdale). We chose this program for the location, and in that we were not disappointed.

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      Are you describing your current experience with Majestic Retreats, or are you comparing it with your experience at Majestic Retreats, if so then what progarm are you describing.

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        This was my 2008 Pesach with Majestic Retreats at the Sheraton Yankee Trader.

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. I spent the last two days of Pesach 2009 in a hotel in New Jersey. The food was fabulous, lavish - everything that you've heard about Pesach programs (the good ones). Menus were expansive, a broad range of options were offered, and the wait service and kitchen staff were remarkably attentive. I'm just not a hotel person, I guess. I don't enjoy running on someone else's schedule - I far prefer the peace and privacy of my home.

        1. We've been to the Chevrah a couple of times, Gateways 2 years ago and Katz when he was still with Schick, a couple of times. Gateways was expensive and charged extra for the day camps/chol hamoed trips. Plus the food was terrible, honestly terrible. They have since changed caterers so the experience could be different. The hotel is small and so are the rooms, with 2 connecting rooms and 6 people we were cramped. The chevra is in a class of their own, NOThing bad could be said about that program, we just dont like their recent location choices. Rabbi katz's program, in our opinion is wonderful. The food is delicious, not too fancy, but plentiful. The program is very heimish and we thoroughly enjoy the crowd that comes.

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            I went To the Chevrah 3 times, the first time was very good, everything they advertised. the next two times were very bad, see my reviews, they lost their touch, Chaim K. usec to have it, now he just cant handle it and his kids are simply not capable. Those in the know stay away.

            Best place I went to is a famous resort in Argentina...

            Went to KMR in Whistler, a fantastic hotel (four seasons...) and culinary experience, although the "religious" aspects left a lot to be desired. It was very nice, but you cant beat Four Seasons.

            Went to Paradise in Arizona, a horrible, unhappy program - I would issue extreme caution. The guy running it, Chein, is not truthful, to say the least, lots of issues.

            ask yourself ONE question, and one question only, and you'll get the answer. is the program in the same hotel every year? if they AREN"T that means something is wrong! Either the Hotel kicked him out, or he didnt pay his bills (why do u think Chevrah changes every SINGLE year?) so you're coming to a NEW place that has no idea...stick with the guys that do it at the same place, and search the forum, this forum has the right answers.

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              cholent fresser,
              totally agree with you! went to the chevra two times- palm springs and tucson, arizona. it was terrible...heard this year was the worst ever and there closing up shop. my family went to KMR St Regis Laguna Beach this year. The resort was unbelievable, the food was something terrible. If there even was food it was oversalted- inedible! My whole family lost weight at the program! At least they redeemed themselves by having pizza (chometz) after yuntiv...the past years at the Chevra they would just give leftovers hamburgers!

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                Wait . . . you're saying that for a couple of slices of pizza, worth five or six bucks, they were redeemed for taking multiple thousands for the previous eight days? Really? People couldn't do without pizza for nine days instead of eight? Wow, hard to believe there are actually any financial problems in any Jewish communities when there are those who can afford to spend thousands on terrible food, as long as it is redeemed by that slice or two of chametzdik pizza on motzaie Pesach. Wow!

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                  I wish I knew what you are talking about, I was at the St regis with my family we had a great time. There was plenty of food, the food was good the program was great, the tea room the first two days was weak but the Werner brothers made the ajustsments and it was very nice for the rest of Yom Tov. We all had a wonderful experience.

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                  I have read your different reviews on Passover this year and they seem to be getting worse by the day!
                  Friends I’ve spoken with had great things to say regarding this program. I find it hard to believe that the food was inedible after hearing that David Scharf catered the program. Nor can I believe the St Regis will actually starve people.

                  Regarding the Chevra, I heard that Chaim K together with his sons actually did a great job this year. People seemed to be very happy with the Chevra this year. No one I spoke to said anything close to what you’re saying in regard to either program. It’s interesting to hear different reviews from people being at the same program.

                  Anyone been to the waldorf in Orlando?

            2. Did any of you go to the Pesach program at Weekend Connections in Wisconsin?