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Apr 28, 2008 05:25 PM

The Mint in Raleigh

Has anyone been? What did you have and how did you like it? Is the service what you would expect? The Website looks great.


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  1. There was a recent thread on The Mint, but it seems to have gone MIA.

    Oh's another from Valentine's Day:

      1. I just went there with a friend for dinner. My bill was $90 for just me and all I had was a glass of wine, salad, filet, potatoes, desset and coffee (plus tip). The service was AWFUL and the food was mediocre. We had to send a couple of things back they were so bad. The place is nice looking though. I would save your money or go to An, Herons or Magnolia Grill if you want a nice place and you don't mind spending some money for a nice meal. The Mint SUCKS!

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          This intersects with another thread about restaurants closed for remodeling.... This past saturday evening, I drove past An, and there were no cars in the parking lot. Odd for a prime dining hour, so I drove through the parking lot. There was a sign on the front door indicating that they were closed for least that is what I think it said. I read it from my car and didn't get out to go read the details. This restaurant hasn't been open all that long, and I recall the decor was very nice. What kind of renovations would they be doing?

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            I had signed up for their mailing list & they e-mailed about this, but didn't go into any detail whatsoever except for the dates. My thoughts were much like yours - the interior is beautiful and pretty new. The only thing I can think that they might do is reconfigure the space to have some larger rooms for private parties. I had noticed that in many posts concerning venues for private parties the rooms at An were too small...

            1. re: ncn8tive

              An is closed to renovate the entrance. From what I understand, they are trying to reduce the noise level in the front of the restaurant. Although sometimes their food can be a bit of a hit or miss, the white dragon roll redeems them from any subpar entrees.

            2. re: wakefan98

              There's no way you went to the same "The Mint" my wife and I went to.

              It was the best meal we've ever had. You need to go back and do the tasting. I've had great food and great service and The Mint was both.

              Maybe you're on another planet--Saturn, perhaps. I did hear the food on Saturn was pretty bad.

            3. I'm a recovering chef and my wife and I have traveled the world (almost) eating and eating and eating.

              We've had many multi-starred meals, but our best dining experience was at The Mint. We did the Chef's Tasting. The service was ridiculous and the food was off the chart.
              If you haven't been, please go--even if you just try the "lounge menu." The black truffle mac and cheese, beef tartare and the fois are amazing.

              I promise you'll decide to go back for a full meal! And you'll probably see us there.

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              1. re: JWLaw

                For what it's worth, I agree that the tasting menu at The Mint (+ wine pairing!) is the best meal in the Triangle.