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Aqui es Texcoco Now Open / Chula Recon

Yes, we have another borrego specialist in town. Aqui es Texcoco specializes in the Mexican lamb and was first opened in 1990 in Tijuana.

They have been open for 3 weeks on their Broadway location. You may remember me posting on it before.

They are a bare bones take away operation - but there are several tables inside for dining there. Owners are funny and super fiendly.

The place is perfumed by lamb - you could be blindfolded and enter the restaurant knowing what was served.

As soon as the owner showed me the immaculate maguey leaf wrapped lamb, I was pretty overjoyed. i saw the pancita too which can order as tacos too.

>>Simple Menu<<
-Meat, rib, pancita, head
>Hard tacos
- "
>1/2 order [160 gr] lamb bbq
-consome, tortillas
> Order [250 gr]
- "
> Kilo
> LAMB HEAD (Yes you chowhounds are gonna get this with me! only 13.50)

Beans pint
Guac and nopales
Nopales pint


Rolled Tacos

Zuc flower

Aguas frescas

Aqui es Texcoco
1043 Broadway

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  1. k r--have you been put on earth to torture those of us who live in culinary wastelands? What a menu!! On the other hand, that menu sounds better than what you encounter in Texcoco itself.

    1. OMFG.... you are torturing me homeboy!

      !!!!!maguey leaf wrapped lamb!!!!!
      Highly specialized.
      Pancita, Lamb rib tacos....
      Huitlacoche, Mushrooms, Squash Blossoms, Nopales

      Now THAT is an authentic Mexican menu. Where is that clueless guy that keeps asking for "truly authentic" Cal-Mex taqueria stuff, now?

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        Eat, we're going to have to request that the moderators somehow prevent kr from inflicting such unnecessary pain on the rest of us!

      2. haha - you guys need to come to san diego. The biggest post I think in the California board history was "san diego restaurants are bad" what a bs lie that was.

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        1. re: kare_raisu

          So KR - Have you tried it out, how was it? Or am I going to have to march down there and check it out this weekend?

          1. re: KirkK

            Payday is tommorow! Only if you let me come down there with you so we can share the lamb head!

        2. I think that I like Aqui es Texcoco better than El Borrego. I went today for a lunch of two tacos - one of pancita and the other of maciza as well as a cactus salad.

          No, they do not have homemade tortillas like EB but man, the meat of the beast is extradordinary.

          I pronounce their cactus salad the best rendition I have had outside of my house. No slime, thinly sliced strips, minced serranos that make you tear in happiness.

          The pancita was incredible! If you able to handle liver or pate you should order this. The soft flesh was rubbed with an adobo chile rub of sorts that cooked into the meat. What a interesting new taco experience.

          I think that in a head to head standup against EBs barbacoa- Aqui es Texcoco would come out champion. Just enough juice, lamb flavor, tenderness, and maguey ghost.

          They offer two salsa a green 'que pica' as well as new favorite salsa to add along Sabor de Acapulcos Guaje/Guajillo/Pepita > a Salsa Negra made of Chile Pasilla.

          So good was this salsa, I asked for some to go - something I have never done. Apparently, Salsa de chile Pasilla is the sauce to go with your Bajio Mexican lamb.

          The 3 guys working there are intensely friendly - I think they may know english though we communicated only in spanish.

          Go eat some lamb.

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          1. re: kare_raisu

            That is right true Pasilla + a touch of honey.... is Mexican lamb's best friend.

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              I did 'Go eat some lamb" this afternoon. You are right on the money, again.
              I had pancita taco and they were the absolute best I've ever had. The salsa was simply dynamite. The place is very clean. WOW, excellent. I want to accompany you on your next foray...

            2. They have the best barbacoa, I have eaten only in the Tijuana stand but i'd like to try the chulavista one this weekend...

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              1. re: wicho

                I tried to find the location of the Tijuana one on the net but could not find it....where is it located?

                1. re: kare_raisu

                  Hi,,,the location of Aqui es Texcoco in Tijuana,,is close to the border,,,5 min only. Is next to EL PARQUE DE LA AMISTAD,,,behind the Carls Jr in the main blvd in LA MESA DE OTAY....Only asked someone about the Location of the park and you will find it.....You will love it to.

                  1. re: anajuncal

                    i already eat in chula vista and it's so fu... GOOD

              2. The owner is Paco Perez. The recipes and methods he uses have been handed down from his father who owned and operated a taco stand in Tijuana around 15 years. Paco has worked every weekend with his father since day one learning and practicing the secrets of how to cook up a good lamb the Mexican way. The name is the same Aqui Es Texcoco. The original shop is located behind Carls Jr on Industrial Blvd in Otay. I have eaten at this location several times on the weekend. There are always at least 30 people sitting around enjoying the delicious delicacy. Paco's newly established restaurant in Chula Vista is something he has dreamed about many years. This is why you will receive only the best service and generosity. Paco has not changed a thing from his father's work of art. It is prepared in the exact same manner as always with experience and care.

                I am not an expert on "borrego". However, you know when you have eaten something good. I have lived in Tijuana for 6 years and have eaten at over a hundred of the taco stands in the streets. I have to say that it has to be the best borrego in Tijuana and San Diego (if not Southern Cal).

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                  Wow...muchisimas gracias fleadaddy! So does Paco's father still run the Tijuana Aqui es Texcoco? And Paco is in charge of the CV location?

                  How did the name come about? I have heard Texcoco is reknowned for their Borrego. Why did Paco decide on across the border - where this delicacy is little known outside of emigres?

                  1. re: kare_raisu

                    Was there today for lunch. It was mighty fine, only for some reason the flautas had no crema. The to-go package is really generous. They gave me a large bag of onion and cilantro, about 6 limes, consomme, and two generous servings of salsa. The rib taco was even better today than it was Saturday.

                2. Hey guys

                  Yesterday I had the flautas de papa on the recc of owner Paco. These tortillas used are the closest to what I experienced with the flautas in Guadalajara that use the special thin raspadas.

                  I am quite taken by the fact that they go the extra length to make special salsas specifically for use on their flautas. These are a green avocado- fresh chile based and a spectacular chile morita red with a much more haunting, subtler chipotle like flavor.

                  I'd recommend ordering a restorative consomee with the fried taquitos - it goes really good together.

                  Paco is the man. He has the first fresh huitlacoche I have seen in my life. Stunning.

                  1. Finally made it out to see Paco's operation.I had a 1/2 orden of barbacoa, no pancita though, some woman bought him out.Curses!! Good for Aqui es Texcoco,though.The barbacoa was delicate, subtly flavored as only a master can evoke, the guajillo salsa was dense and beautiful, the salsa verde fresh and tart.Tortillas and consume, delightful.

                    I will return and have the pancita, soon.What a great place. Oh, and the lamb head, gotta do that too.

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                    1. re: streetgourmetla

                      One of my favorite spots, I love the costillo. I always thank Alex for turning me on to this place. Next time your in town drop a line, I have some cubans and baja wine waiting.

                    2. This place was closed at 830 on a Friday night

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                        They probably sold out. Get there early so you can get the best stuff and the pancita.

                      2. I know I'm late to the party, but wanted to share some nice closeup pictures. went for our first time today...