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Apr 28, 2008 05:06 PM

Still River Cafe? Worth the trip?

Heard good & not so good. Anyone have any recent experience? It's quite a trip for us, so we don't want to invest too much time if it isn't worth it.

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  1. We (eight of us) ate there last fall and everyone enjoyed the experience and said they would definitely return. We have not yet but plan to go for Sunday brunch in the next month or two. It did get a very good review in the NY Times, but the cod was not one of the better choices on the menu--I can vouch for this because that is what I ordered. Perhaps the chef has made improvements by now.

    1. We went there last summer and were a little underwhelmed. The portions were far too large -- we had the prix fixe menu (not sure whether they are still doing that or not), and by the time we were done with our appetizers, we barely wanted dinner. Everything came undersalted. The best things about the meal were the onsite-grown vegetables, by far -- but they came in garnish-sized portions on the plate. Still, we would try it again because the food was so local and fresh, and very lovingly prepared.

      1. i have only been there once. my experience was pretty good but not altogether special. it all seemed a bit precious (and quite expensive) but didn't deliver any really memorable items. i must say that probably 4 of the other 5 people i was with were more favorably impressed than i, but for me it was a bit disappointing.

        1. We've eaten there twice. I really enjoyed it the first time for brunch and went back a few weeks ago for dinner and was truly wowed. My friends from New York City were equally blown ago. I had a goat cheese custard thing with a roasted beet salad and it was sooo good as were the scallops. They were just pristine. Two thumbs up!!

          1. I ate there today with my mom as it was mothers day and it is a nice meeting point between Hartford and Worcester. They were serving the full dinner menu all afternoon.
            It was a really pleasant experience for us. The quality of the food, service and atmosphere was excellent. I had the lobster served three ways. A huge tail and claw meat roasted and served with mashed potatoes and sublime caramelized leeks, a small bit of lobster pate and two small lobster cakes. It was excellent! We shared the Creme Brulee three ways for desert. It was the best non chocolate desert I have ever tasted and I used to work as a pastry chef so I have tasted quite a few. I would say it was worth the trip for us-about an hour each way.