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Apr 28, 2008 04:59 PM

Depuy Canal House... Any recent experiences?

Haven't been there in years. Anything to report recently?

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  1. Was there in 8/07 and sorry to report that it was a major disappointment on food and total service fiasco...for a birthday celebration. No one was at the maitre'd stand for a good while upon our arrival. We eventually stopped a server and had to ask if someone would be coming to seat us. When someone showed up, despite our reservation, she was confused about where to seat us (and told us that "our" table was already occupied, but that she would "try" to find us another). Unmatched cutlery on a smallish substitute table, long wait for drinks (then server returns to report they were out of a requested beer), mediocre tepid food, wrong bottle of wine brought to table. Capped off when server gave our bill to diners at next table. If only they would have paid...

    1. We ate there 20 years ago, and to call it mediocre would be a compliment. With the same owner/chef, I can't imagine how it could have improved significantly, as the above post seems to confirm.

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        Thanks. Sorry to hear the mediocre reports. The lack of response also tells me maybe a re-visit isn't in our plans. If we do go we will surely report.

      2. OMG, I used to live up there and had a horrible experience years ago when my in-laws were visiting, with a total lack of anything resembling "service". Sorry to hear it hasn't improved. The Eggs Nest is better.

        1. Wow - wasn't expecting a $5 charge for table bread and olive oil. Food was mediocre and service was poor. Upstairs menu is now the same as the cellar (Chef's on Fire). Too bad there's no "recession" menu. Won't be going back there again.