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Apr 28, 2008 04:52 PM

Recommendations for delivery to Nolita?

Just moved to Nolita -- Mott and Houston, specifically. On this rainy night, I'm realizing that I no longer have my bachelor's cookbook (stack of menus) to draw on. Because this is such a small, in-between neighborhood, searches on the usual sites aren't turning up anything.

Can anyone recommend some good choices for dinner delivery to my new neighborhood?

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  1. South side of Mott and Houston? It matters significantly as a ton of EV places stop deliver at Houston. I live two doors south of Houston and it's a struggle to get good delivery some times. Anyway, my go tos with favorites highlighted with asterisks.

    Mexican: Downtown Bakery* on 1st Ave (great burritos, tacos and other plates; by far the best Mexican)
    Pizza: Lombardi's*
    Thai: Klong, sometimes SEA
    Chinese: Congee Village / Congee Bowery, Grand Sichuan St. Mark's (though I think you have to order on Seamless Web)
    Italian: Il Baggato, Bread
    Sandwiches: Bread, Atlas
    Bistro: Nolita House and barmarche are both okay
    Sushi: ugh - nothing good really. Ginger? Sakura on Mott a few doors south?

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      Yes -- south side of Mott and Houston. Kind of a no-man's land. Thanks for the suggestions. Anyone else?

      1. re: Sanddog

        No man's land 'cause lots of EV joints stop delivery at Houston, many LES places don't deliver past Bowery and few solid Chinatown places need to deliver at all.

        I did find a good Thain place recently: Rhong Tiam on LaGuardia Pl. Pretty solid. Between that, Downtown Bakery, Il Bagatto, Bread, Lombardi's and Grand Sichuan St. Mark's, I don't find myself in an ordering rut too much.