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Apr 28, 2008 04:34 PM

Father's Office, What's the big deal?

Went there for the first time ever based on the postings here, the $11 Blue Cheese and only burger on the menu was ehh, the beer selection was no better than going to the Yard House, & more expensive for their IPA's. It's a busy place but.....for the price I just don't get it.

Went with a friend, 2 IPA's (India Pale Ale, Stronger type beer served in goblets), 2 burgers, basket of sweet potato tasteless fries, and what I thought was actually very good were the tapas of olives w/ almonds in their special marinade...$55 bucks.

For that same amount I could have had more beer & food @ the Yard House...aka
"Beer Lovers' Paradise" Never been disappointed with any food item I've ordered @ the Yard House. IMHO F.O. just doesn't live up to the hype! You hounds mislead & disappointed me on this recommendation!

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  1. I happen to like the burger and the beer selection. That's not a statement relative to what you can get at The Yard House -- I've never been there. However, I think I will stick up for Chowhound by saying that the board has clearly been very divided on Father's Office. For all the praise that is lavished, there are people willing to tear them down, too.

    1. Which branch did you go to -- the original on Montana or the new location at the Helms Bakery?

      The word on CH about the new site has been very mixed, and I'm putting off my first visit until they get the wrinkles out.

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      1. re: maxzook

        Went to the original location, S.M.

      2. "the beer selection was no better than going to the Yard House,"


        I find Yard house to be a big sloppy mess. 80% of their beers are completely worthless in my book.

        The beer list at Fathers office is smaller and much much better. to me, if you dont have great specialty microbrews (craftsman, stone, alesmith, etc) or belgian-style ales, then you really arent a beer lovers paradise.

        A beer lovers paradise is Lucky Devil's, Najas, FO, Lucky Baldwins, etc.

        Quality over quantity!


        I am sorry, but yard house is like Cheesecake Factory combined with Elephant bar. It is not particularly chowish in my opinion. I am sure most fans of BJ's brewhouse and Yard House will not appreciate FO.

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        1. re: jlrobe

          Where are all these other places you mention?

          1. re: Ollie


            Tompkins Square (Manchester at Lincoln near LMU and Bristol Farms)
            Lucky Devils (In the heart of hollywood on hollywood blvd)
            3rd stop (on west third st. near west hollywood, just west of la cienega)
            Boneyard Bistro (Ventura strip in the valley)
            Najas (total dive bar on the redondo beach pier) [burger not great]
            Lucky Baldwins (Old town pasadena) [burger not great]
            Lucky Baldwins and Najas do not have FO quality burgers.

            Library ale house aint bad either, but their burger just doesn't do it for me. That one is on main st in SaMo

            Also, Hungry Cat has GREAT cocktails, and 4-5 seasonal specialty beers, and a fantastic burger. That is located on sunset and vine.

            Sorry to get on you about Yard House. I think Yard House serves its purpose, but I still believe people who really love yard house will not get the places I have mentioned above.

            1. re: jlrobe

              Thanks, I enjoy beer, I enjoy Stone, Bear Republic, and I'm curious about this "Rogue Hazelnut" this hound below recommends. I'll check some of these places out. F.O. I guess you love it or hate it! but I'm willing to give it another chance. The Boneyard Bistro is Closer to me, I'm in the west valley. But I don't mind traveling for good food & drink. Thanks,

              1. re: Ollie

                "Thanks, I enjoy beer, I enjoy Stone, Bear Republic, and I'm curious about this "Rogue Hazelnut""

                Ollie, I hope you go to the places I mentioned and visit another thread I have on beer. There is fantastic places in LA to get beer. Dont sell yourself short at Yard House. Look around, and find the great beer LA has to offer.

                go online right now and look at boneyard bistros beer list. If that list doesnt make you run out and eat there, I dont know what will.

                PS: They have mostly bottles compared to FO's flawless tap system.

                1. re: jlrobe

                  but the beers Boneyard has! What a great selection! Some of that stuff is hard to get on draught.

                  Plus, it isn't a bar, it's a sit down BBQ/Bistro, so you can reserve, get your dang table, and order at liesure.

                  Finally, you can ask for your food to your tastes. Aaron has no problem making me a burrito with the fixins but no meat or portabello. I ask for the amazing baked beans, insread. He and his staff deliver it with a smile. It's not on the menu, but it's amazing.

                  Plus, you can put dang ketchup on your burger.

          2. re: jlrobe

            I have to stand up for BJ's. They gets hit a lot on food and it's not the greatest chow in the world but I think it's pretty good for the price. However, they brew their own and that sets them apart from every place you mentioned. You may not be overly impressed with their regular line-up (which I think is pretty good) but they kick out some excellent specialty brews. I thought their IPA and Maibock were particularly good and I think their brewers do an outstanding job of offering beers for both the craft beer heads as well as the casual drinkers. As someone who homebrews (and has gotten tips and advice from BJ's brewers) and likes to support local brewers I'm grateful for BJ's.

            1. re: tofuburrito

              I have to say I was a bit taken back by the hype for FO - just reminds me of the hype that happens with every new restaurant that opened up from Mozza to Comme Ca to whatever.

              Never been to Yard House - haven't find a beer I liked yet (maybe that'll change when I visit Belgium this summer). But I will have to agree with Tofuburrito that I found BJ to be quite adequate. Making generalization about chains and people going to BJ's not liking FO doesn't seem to be in the spirit of chowhound - good chow can be find everywhere from the lowest of places like taco trucks to a 3 star Michelin restaurant.

              FWIW, I would love to try out FO's burgers - love blue cheese, gruyere and arugula, so in my mind it tastes good already. Love sweet potatoes fries (anyone tried the frozen ones you can get at Whole Foods? They are quite good). BUT, despite being able to bring my 9 year old to fancy restaurants around the world, I can't bring him to a FO for another 9 years.

              1. re: notmartha

                Actually, he has to wait another 12 years!

                1. re: notmartha

                  FYI- I was there last weekend around 2:00 pm when it was not packed/ busy and I noticed a family with children on the benches in the "Let's be Frank" area across the way eating their take out from FO. Not sure if I would feel comfortable using that area to eat FO's foods but they all looked content eating their burgers and fries there...

                  1. re: LaLa Eat

                    Well, it's been a while since I was last carded (the legal age then was 18). ;)

                    Guess if we can't find a babysitting option we'll have to eat out in the streets, but it will be kind of messy.

            2. Actually, the beer selection at FO trumps The Yard House for a lot of beer drinkers. The Yard House has 250 taps, but most of them are middling beers for serious drinkers. Father's Office regularly gets taps of rare beer from Russian River, Craftsman, Stone, Rogue, AleSmith, etc. For example, while YH might have Rogue's mega-popular Dead Guy Ale, FO will have Rogue's ultra limited Brewer Ale or Hop Heaven on tap. FO will have Russian River's Perdition or Damnation and YH will have nothing from them. Stuff like that.

              It's worth it for the serious drinker. Plus the food at Yard House is like a Cheesecake Factory vibe. Eh...

              1. Anybody have an idea of how busy the SM location will be tonight?