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Apr 28, 2008 04:17 PM

Fab's in Sherman Oaks

The old Fab's on Van Nuys near Ventura Boulevard has been under construction for months. Does anyone know what's going in there?

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  1. It's still going to be Fab's.

    1. ah the memories of fab's as a child. the food wasn't all that great, but we ordered pizza and pasta from there nonetheless.

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        Thanks for the info. They're sure taking their time.

      2. I drive by it every day. There is very little, if any, construction taking place and it has been that way for many weeks if not months.

        1. From what I heard, the place was going to be opened by the original owner's grandson. As to why no more construction at the site, he had grand plans and ran out of money sometime in December 2007. So it sits. Anyone want to buy it and open "Chowhounder's Delight" ????

          1. It looksl like it's getting closer to reopening. Also, I found more info on citysearch:
            I was a big fan of Fab's, so I can't want to see what the new "Fab's Corner Cucina" is like!