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Good Bakery in HOUSTON

Does anyone know of a really good bakery in Houston? Galleria area. I'm looking for some decent hamburger buns that aren't from a grocery store. If anyone has tried the burgers at Cafe Mezza you know what I'm talking about! They are to die for!

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  1. The best pastry shop in Houston is in River Oaks - Andre's, but they don't bake bread. I've liked the bread at Central Market the best in the area so far. Have you tried Kraftsmen Bakery on Montrose? I think they supply sandwich breads to several restaurants.

    1. I would go to Central Market. Either the Houston Press or the Chronicle did a taste test of best breads, and CM won.

      1. This place doesn't make rolls, but the bread is so delicious that you just have to give them a try. My favorite is the Dakota Bread.


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          You know pretty much everything. :-} Any idea where to get raison pumpernikel rolls/bread in Houston?

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            Oh Tay! Obviously I DON'T know everything, because I have no idea where to get that . . . but if I see it I'll pass it along!

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              You know a lot and I always enjoy your posts. They always make such good sense.
              Sometimes, good raison pump. rolls/bread can be found at kosher bakeries, but I don't know how many of those would be found in the Houston area.

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                That was my first thought, that you need to find a kosher deli/bakery. If you had asked me years ago I cold have told you, but not anymore. I'll have to look around! And thanks, Tay.

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                  That's very thoughtful of you :-}
                  Someone recc Three Brothers Bakery on Braeswood. I checked their site (which looks very nice) but didn't see raison pump. I wonder if it's a NE kind of thing?
                  Please don't go to any trouble. If by chance, you happen to stumble upon a place, please just throw out a quick post.

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                    For raisin pumernickle, you might give Kenny & ZIggy's a buzz and ask if they sell loaves of bread. If they don't ask if they can recommend a place . . .

                    Also, The Palm serves it in their bread basket. I always have a piece, lavishly buttered, for dessert! 8-) Hmm, maybe they'd tell you where they buy it?

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                      Thanks for those very good ideas. :-} I'm not from the area so I wouldn't have known where to inquire.
                      As an aside. I've noticed that you've spelled it 'pumpernickle' as opposed to 'pumpernickel'. Is it an 'either/or' or is that the correct or preferred spelling?

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                        Actually Tay, it should be spelled pumpernickel.

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                          That's the way I've always spelled it but on occasion I have seen it spelled the "kle" way so I was curious to know if it was a regional or ethnic variable.
                          Thanks! :-}

        2. Oh...
          Why not just ask Cafe Mazza who supplies their burger buns? :-}

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            Thanks for all of your recommendations, and I agree CM bakery is good. I've hesitated asking Cafe Mezza because I wasnt sure if they would want to tell me, but it never hurts to ask I guess.

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              Ask your Server and if you get the answer don't forget to tip a bit extra as a 'thank you' :-}

          2. Quick Update: Well I bit the bullet and just asked CM about their buns. They told me that they couldn't tell me because it was company information, whatever that meant. They also said they didn't sell just the bread. What they did say is that they purchased it from a bakery, Being that there are hundreds of bakeries here in Houston I guess I'm out of luck!

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              Maybe you could go on the Chronicle website and ask there. They have a recipe request section that runs on Wed. and people ask those types of questions. You could say "I like the buns at Cafe Mezza and wonder if anyone knows a bakery that makes buns like that?" Maybe an insider would give you the name. OR, and this is extreme, you could go by early mornings and scout out the delivery trucks. It may be that they get the buns from the upscale line of breads at Sysco (or some other restaurant supply) and just don't want to admit that.

              I know it isn't Kraftsmen Baking beause they had an article yesterday that listed the restaurants they supply to and it wasn't on that list.

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                "OR, and this is extreme, you could go by early mornings and scout out the delivery trucks"
                Not so extreme :-}. Although I have found that almost every Server will reveal the 'source' if asked discreetly enough, I have done exactly that on 2 occasions when I couldn't obtain the information any other way. Sometimes, you can 'steer around' the question by telling the Server you'd like to try their supplier's other offerings, I'm a little surprised any restaurant would refuse to disclose the source for something like bread/rolls. I would think it would generate a little good will. It's not as though that information should lead a customer to refrain from patronizing their restaurant .

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                  Haha Tay! I'm glad that you didn't think it was extreme, because sometimes you just have to do whatever it takes. I just don't want anyone to think I am a delivery truck stalker. It's really good if you get to know someone who works in the kitchen or the manager. I think servers are either a little more guarded (because of job security, maybe) or they just don't really know.

            2. My favorite bakery in Houston is in Katy - and it's an Argentine bakery called Sweet & Salty Bakery. I love the facturas and other things here - with and without dulce de leche.


              22764 Westheimer Pkwy, suite 670
              Katy, TX 77450
              (281) 395-5065