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Apr 28, 2008 03:51 PM

Lety's Taco Catering review

I just used their services last weekend, so I thought I would write a review. They were great! Our party started at 5:30. Jorge arrived at 4:30. He was a youngish guy, who was very nice and polite. He set up his grill and got ready. He said he likes to be prepared, which was more than fine by us. He was nice to all of our guests.

We had chosen the carne asada, the al pastor and the chicken. All of them were good, but the carne asada was the best. I might try the carnitas instead of the al pastor next time. Jorge brought corn tortillas, the 3 meats, onions, radishes, red and green salsa, and a couple other condiments. He left us with the leftovers, which we much appreciated.

Apparently, you have to ask specifically for rice and beans when you call them, and it's an extra $50 charge. I hadn't known that, so I hadn't asked, so we didn't have them. He called for us, but it would take an hour and a half because they needed to make the rice at that point. We decided it wasn't worth it. Next time, I would ask for the rice and beans.

The cost was $290 for 40 people, and we tipped him generously. I definitely would recommend them to others, and I would use them again. A couple of friends asked for his card, so I'm guessing we'll see him again at some other parties.

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  1. Thanks fellow Chowhounds for the referral. I needed a taco caterer for a birthday party at my house. I called the ones listed, got a few referrals from friends and family. I ended up choosing Lety's. Originally asked for food for 60 people, increased the count to 90. Liz mentioned they usually estimate 4 to 5 tacos per person so I thought it would be more then enough. They called to confirm, we also select Al Pastor, Chicken and Carne Asada, I asked for whole beans and I provided my own rice. We live between the 605 and 57 freeways and it was on a Friday evening which happens to be the start of the Labor Day weekend. Traffic was very bad so Jorge called and said he'd be a few minutes late. He pulled up, unloaded, washed his hands, prep the items, fired up the grill and cooked with amazing precision.

    We probably had about 60 people at that time and they continue to wander in over the next 2 hours. Keep in mind that over 90% of the guest eats this style food on a regular basis. They all ranted about the al pastor and carne asada tacos. The servings were very generous, the meats were very tender, no fat or grizzle, flavorings just right, salsa nice and spicy. I asked Jorge how the meat was going, he confirmed that the asada was the most popular however he noticed that if they had 1 al pastor taco, they’d come back and ask for a few more.

    Since the alcohol was flowing pretty heavy, I had Jorge pack it up after 2 1/2 hours. Although we did do a last taco call which worked out great. Jorge packed up all my leftovers in trays for me, packed up all his stuff. He worked hard so we sent him off with a $50.00 tip.

    We had people over for the next 2 days so we had tacos over the weekend. All in all, I have tried at least 5 different taco caterers at different events. I highly recommend Lety's for the quality of the food and the very reasonable prices!! We will definitely call them for future events.

    When you call, Liz speaks English, try to ask for Jorge he's the best!!

    1. Well, the short review is, THEY WERE A COMPLETE NO SHOW! I booked Lety's for this last Saturday 4/11/15. I spoke with a man on their English business number 1 week prior and arranged everything. I had more than 50 people over for a house warming party. The pool was warm, the weather was beautiful, and everyone was very excited for the tacos that I thought were coming. I was told the week before that Lety's would show up at 2 pm for the 3 pm serving. I had the table out and an extension cord with power strip run to a location that was covered and shaded for their comfort while cooking. At about 2:20 pm, with the party in full swing, I started getting a little nervous because they had not shown up yet and there was no call or text saying they would be late or something. I called the same number I used to book them to check on the their status. After someone there handed the phone off to some one else I was greeted by a young girl's voice. I explained the situation to her calmly and cordially and just wanted to make sure they were coming. She took my name and number and said she would find out what was going on and call me back. After waiting 15-20 minutes I started to get the funny feeling that I was not going to receive a call back and no one was going to show up. Unfortunately...... I WAS RIGHT!!! I called at least 10 times after waiting for a callback and what do you know, no one answered now! Voicemail every time. It's now Monday and I still do not have any explanation as to what happened! I have never had such an unprofessional experience as I had with these taco hacks! I hate writing reviews but this experience really blew me away. STAY AWAY FROM THESE GUYS AND GO WITH SOMEONE ELSE! At a minimum do not give them any money up front. And just in case you have a similar experience with Lety's, Dominoes pizza shows up every time ;)