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Apr 28, 2008 03:33 PM

Vegetarian and Carnivore in town - need rec

I'd like to take my daughter and her husband out to dinner this Friday, they are flying in for the weekend. Will any of the following work? Help me decide. Mundial, May St. Cafe, Sushi Sama Rio, Salpicon, Opera, Gaetanos in Forest Park,


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  1. i've only been to opera, and i was very happy with their vegetarian menu (may be vegan, i can't remember).

    1. I went to Sushi Samba Rio with a vegetarian. He liked what he ordered, but there were not many options for him on their (very large) menu.

      1. May Street Market has some great vegetarian options, although my new favorite for herbivore/carnivore grazing is Mercat de la Planxa.

        Never been too impressed with Opera. I've ended up there a couple times with friends and never saw a reason to return.

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          Be careful not to confuse May Street Market, the contemporary American restaurant in West Town on the near northwest side, with May Street Cafe, the Latino-ish restaurant in Pilsen on the near south side.

          Some other suggestions that might please a vegetarian and a carnivore include Lula ( ), in Logan Square; Cafe Spiaggia ( ), on Michigan Avenue; and, for a bit more money, North Pond ( ), in Lincoln Park.