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Apr 28, 2008 03:03 PM

Louis's Fish Camp (Las Vegas)

Just in case I'm in the mood for BBQ while in Vegas, is this place good? Some BBQ places have good rep solely due to portion size. That doesn't interest me, but some of the items on this menu look downright tasty!

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  1. I think of it as more seafood than bbq- but I love shrimp and grits from the lowcountry! If you try it, be sure to tell since I have it on my list for my next visit.

    Fish Camp
    6605 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV

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    1. re: bluecat

      We had lunch at Fish Camp on our last trip, about 10 days ago. I had the shrimp burger with jalapeno tartar sauce and my husband had a regular burger. The food was pretty good. My shrimp burger was well flavored but the bun was squishier than I'd like. I got collards as my side instead of fries or their slaw (which is full of bell peppers which I detest), and the collards were decent with lots of smoky pork flavor. Our waitress was very sweet.

      We actually met Louis and checked out the current menu of his upscale sister restaurant. Louis was very nice and I peeked into the restaurant which seemed quite intimate by Vegas standards. The menu looks great but of course it's all in the execution. We're thinking of trying it on our next trip in June and I'm curious if anyone here has been (to Louis's, not Fish Camp). They also have a great-looking weekend brunch menu (again, Louis's).

      Fish Camp was pretty empty on a Thursday around 1:00 p.m. I don't understand the point of building such an upscale mall which isn't enclosed, after all the weather is going to be pretty horrid a lot of the time and the parking was pretty stupid. It was kind of hard to find because our car's GPS said it was on the right - I'd input the address - and we were heading north on L.V. Blvd. and the airport was on the right.

      1. re: Debbie W

        Oh, Louis's menu does look nice! I didn't realize they were two separate distinct places. I'll be in Vegas week of May 4th - I'll post review if I end up going here.

    2. If you're looking for good BBQ I'm a fan of TC's Rib Crib. It's located on Desert Inn & Durango on the west side of town. It's a small casual family owned place in a stripmall...nothing fancy but I guarantee you will enjoy your meal and the friendly service. The babyback & spare ribs are delicious....the sauce is tomato based with a kick of pepper. The pulled pork sandwich is great too. There are lots of sides to choose favs are the super-peppery sauteed cabbage, sweet potato fries & potato salad. There's also an abundance of homemade desserts to choose from.

      1. If you are looking for good BBQ I would definately give Lucilles in the District (Green Valley) a try. I think they have the best BBQ in vegas!! Huge menu and huge portions!! Give the ribs or the tri-tip a try. They are open for lunch and dinner and a very casual setting.

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        1. re: fenixflame

          I've eaten there a couple of times (once for lunch, once for dinner), and the food is great (as is the service - but each time the place has been empty). I agree with the shrimp and grits - one of the richest dishes I have eaten anywhere, but delicious. Pulled pork is good as well.

          1. re: fenixflame

            O i love Lucilles. The lemonade in the mason jars rocks my world!

          2. Have only dined at Louis's so far, but they did allow us to order a couple of items from the Fish Camp menu that were not listed at the more upscale location (we were a party of four that wanted to sample a lot of options). A nice touch on their part, and Louis Osteen spent some time at the table with us. But the unfortunate sub-theme of this thread may indeed be a long-term problem if they are going to be able to make it - Town Center would be an interesting development if attached to a residential area. But it sits in a rather inconvenient location on Las Vegas Boulevard, which will make generating traffic difficult. There were some items that will get us back there (an Oyster BLT, with fried green tomatoes instead of bread, was a nice low-country take, and fresh Grouper is not easy to find on Las Vegas menus), but their location and price points create problems for return "local" business. Meanwhile competing with all of the options on the Strip obviously brings its own problems.

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            1. re: QAW

              I was wondering where Fish Camp would draw a lunchtime crowd from, which probably explains why it was so empty. It's not like the workers at the retail establishments in that center are going to eat at Fish Camp for lunch, not when lunch is easily $15 per person or more.

              At Louis's, did you try any desserts? Several of them have piqued my interest. The room looked a little formal when it was empty, did it seem that way when you were eating there? How was the service?

              1. re: Debbie W

                The service throughout was terrific - they brought a lot of servers from the south with them, so there was a high level of professionalism and friendliness. There were some nice little touches, like bringing a bowl of "duck cracklings" on the house while we were first perusing the menu's (they were a side on one of the specials that night, which none of us planned to order, but we wanted to try them anyway and they obliged with a large enough serving for everyone to try). For dessert I had the "Southern Comfort" Peach Beignets, and they were as good as any beignets I have ever had. The order would have been large enough for two. We also had a Pineapple Tart at the table (very good), and they brought over an order of Bread Pudding from Fish Camp for us, since it was not on the other menu.

                The best part of the room is the outdoor area. Since that balcony faces east, there is protection from the evening sun, and until we get into the July/August heat it should be very pleasant. The interior was on the formal side, perhaps a bit too much so.

              2. re: QAW

                I'm not too sure if it's as bad a location as you suggest, QAW. It's right next to Fry's, and gets tons of local traffic, plus since it's on LVB, gets tourists as well. I think Town Center has great potential- the homes in the Silverado Ranch area are quite close to it, and it boasts a Borders concept bookstore, as well. Depending on people's willingness/desire to get there, I think it's only a matter of time Louis's Fish Camp will be allways busy. I've heard very good things about it from co-workers who've tried it, and it's on my list of places to eat. It's about 6 minutes from my house, and I love going to Fry's as well. I'm really looking forwards to eating there!

                1. re: Honeychan

                  true.... town square shopping center is next to fry's and right on LVB south of the airport... BUT it is hard to navigate the entire center.... Louis' is upstairs next to RAVE motion pictures all the way in the back of the complex... which is really complex if you don't know where you are going... also in the area is Yard House (downstairs) and tommy bahama cafe and BRIO italian is now open near CPK and the apple store.

                  1. re: someyoungguyy

                    Had the opportunity to join QAW @ Town Center for dinner on Sunday evening. It was such a beautiful evening...a light breeze was blowing.
                    I had been wanting to dine al fresco as our temperate evenings are fleeting...and the opportunity will soon be gone.

                    At QAW's suggestion we met @ Louis.
                    The patio overlooks the 'main street' oasis in the middle of Las Vegas.
                    We decided we wanted to try a sampling of what Louis is famous's low country Southern cuisine.
                    We started w/ an amuse bouche of a chilled vichyshoisse w/ a little crab meat served in a shot my palatte wet for what was to follow!
                    We each had a soup...QAW had the turtle soup and I had the She Crab bisque. The turtle soup was served w/ a sherry (poured tableside) and the She Crab bisque was chock ful of crab...was rich and fragrant.

                    For dinner we had sampling of appetizers...we had a Shrimp and grits w/ a low country gravy. Halibut Cheeks, A dried 'spicy' cured duck topped w/ duck cracklings, a crab and lobster cake and a side of collard greens.

                    When we ordered the greens our server who is originally from the South said the kitchen still hadn't perfected their preparation...they were a little undercooked.
                    When they arrived..he was right..not quite soft but very flavorful, and delicious!

                    Ordering Tapas style gave us the opportunity to enjoy the flavors and experience what Louis is all about. It was a great way to experience the cuisine of the South.
                    We topped a wonderful meal off w/ 2 classic Southern desserts...beignets and bread! I loved everything!

                    Louis is a great addition to Las Vegas...and you don't have to walk through a smoky casino to enjoy it!

                  2. re: Honeychan

                    I just went to Fish Camp for lunch. The food was okay but nothing to write home about. I had the lunch special. The house salad was bland. The chicken and dumplings tasted like Campbell's cream of chicken soup. The greens were decent. I was so disappointed, I skipped dessert. I think it is an okay place for lunch if you are in the neighborhood, but I would not make a special trip out there. It is on par with BB King's.

                2. See I didn't like my experience there. It was empty but the service was horrible. We actually went to the bar for a drink because the waiter ignored us . The food was ok -- in my opinion my dish was really salty and I am not one of those anti salt people. Maybe I went early prior to them getting all the kinks out...but honestly I dont feel a need to go back there anytime soon.

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                  1. re: Justjenn

                    Just came from LV this past weekend and tried Fish Camp. I thought it was good - not spectacular but solid. We went during happy hour (4-7pm) and there were a handful of items under $3 - oyster shooters for $1.50(!), fried shrimp with remoulade for 50 cents a piece, fried green tomatoes for $3 and a couple of different sliders for $2 each. Everything was quite tasty except the pulled pork sliders. They were moist and flavorful but too sweet for my liking. I thought service was good actually - staff was friendly and attentive. We also tried the she-crab soup and shrimp and grits. Both items were also very good but a bit pricey. My suggestion: skip lunch and go to happy hour. 2 for 1 drinks too.