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Apr 28, 2008 02:53 PM

Knishes Revisited?

We're headed back out to NYC on Saturday for a week. I have been to Yonah Schimmel's (which is often touted as the best in NYC) and was relatively unimpressed with their knishes. Wrapper was too soggy, and not much flavor in the potatoes. The broccoli knish was better. But in NYC, I would expect that there are amazing knishes, and if Yonah Schimmel's is truly the best, then I must weep. :-)

I have read here that many folks used to recommend Knish Nosh in Queen's, but that this place has gone downhill recently. We will be relying on public transport, so would be looking for a place near (within about a 5-block safe walk to) a subway or train station.

Any recommendations?

P.S. -- I like the Noodle Kugel at Yonah Schimmel's, the pastrami at Katz's, the corned beef at Carnegie Deli, the donuts at Donut Plant, the Lemon Cupcakes at Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery, and the bagels at H&H on the upper west side. Rugalah at Ben Ash is also quite good. But, we're open for suggestions as to anywhere to eat or to get stuff to eat back at the room.

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  1. I've gotten tasty round fresh knishes at Zabar's.
    Walk all the way to the back of the prepared foods counter, behind the counter on the right side.

    [btw...I like everything at Russ & Daughters...especially the matjes herring.]

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    1. re: pbjluver

      The Zabar's in the Upper West Side? I think that Russ & Daughters is fun for shopping, but I'm not really a fish fan, and it always has a very strong fish smell. But in that area, I remember a cheese stall at a market near Bowery that had fresh cheese curds that were delicious.

      1. re: Hoc

        there is ONLY one ZABAR'S
        and that one is at Broadway and 80th St.

        regarding Russ & Daughters smelling "fishy"'s a FISH store.

        1. re: pbjluver

          Russ & Daughters has a lot of other things, as well. Pickles, Candies, Halvah, Nuts and dried fruits, etc. But it's hard for me to stay in there for long because of the heavy fish smell.

          1. re: Hoc

            Their dried fruits looked so v. beautiful last time I was there. Loved the tea I've bought there too.

            1. re: Hoc

              i evolved from fish hater to fish lover sometime in my mid 20s and i'll agree with you that russ requires a very pesco-philic attitude. that said, if you can pop in and out, try to grab some chopped liver and dried fruits

      2. yonah schimmel has the hype, but i have never liked their knishes. they are poorly seasoned, and the outside is flabby and nasty.

        maybe i'm old school, but fr me there are only potato adn kasha knishes.. the rest is revisionism , and not in a good way. which is funny, because i don't mind it in other foods.

        katz's has good knishes, i find their food better during the day than at night

        1. I love everything at Russ & Daughters. Amazing selection and quality.
          A Must Have, is The Super Heeb Sandwich !

          1. My favorite was always Mrs. Stahl's in Brighton Beach. Unfortunatley, they are gone and a pizzeria has taken their place. Here is a link to the recipe though:


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            1. re: rolise

              Mrs. Stahl’s hands down no question. Supposedly someone bought the recipe a while back (not sure if the one above is there's or not) – I think it was a deli? Check the Outer Boroughs page to see if anyone has info. Now you have me craving a tray of their mushroom & potato cocktail knishes.

            2. OK, so I'm going to try Knish Nosh. What's the nearest subway stop (to the one on Queens Blvd.) The Zabar's subway station is shut down going north, so it looks like it's going to take a bit more work to get to H&H and Zabar's.

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              1. re: Hoc

                knish nosh is great, not downhill at all except that they've expanded next door and so, the naysayers claim growing pains. true, you can get an overcooked one but this place still rocks. the plain is great, the kasha is good but needs salt, and the meat one is insane. I'd also recommend picking up a container of chopped liver, if you plan to eat it that day. you can take the R, V or G train to 67th Avenue in Queens, this is the queens blvd local train headed towards 71st-Continental. and look up rego park recommendations, there are some good things to pick up right around there.

                1. re: bigjeff

                  Respectful disagreement noted, I sense a little slide, but Knish Nosh is still better than the rest and you can deal with your knish jones there nicely.