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Apr 28, 2008 02:41 PM

Southside Coffee in Greenwood Heights?

Anyone tried the coffee? I just moved to Greenpoint and I'm happily nearby to Gimme Coffee, Cafe Grumpy, and the excellent El Beit. However--this place just opened up on my old block, and I'm wondering how they're doing with their espresso.

Oh--and let's not start a discussion on the name of the neighborhood in question. I personally don't care if it's South Slope, South South Slope, Sunset Park, Greenwood Heights, or some dumb Corcoran-penned acronym. It's a nice neighborhood, and I miss living there--there's no bar like Quarter in Williamsburg/Greenpoint. I just don't miss having to ride the R train one bit.

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  1. they are actually making some of the best coffee in the city, in my humble opinion ...

    I think I have been there everyday since they opened, and not only is the coffee and their technique fantastic, but the three owners convey a very genuine passion for coffee culture ... a very welcome addition to the hood !

    bravo !

    1. Agreed, Southside is excellent. Thrilled to finally have a great coffee place within close walking distance - sutra and has beans don't cut it for me, so I was always trekking to Red Horse. The ambiance at Southside is a little bit lacking, but who cares about that when the coffee is so good. I get iced lattes and mochas, and if you ask for half chocolate in the mocha they are perfect. Plus the owners are incredibly nice and as the other poster mentioned, passionate about their product. They have outdoor seating, too.

      And I agree with you on Quarter - best bar ever. :)

      1. Nice, passionate owners, great beans, yes this is all true. But $3.25 for a cortado is the equivalent to economic rape. Any Spaniard / Latino would laugh very loudly at this. Any Spanish / Latina grandmother would curse SC out.

        When will Brooklyn foodies realize the prices they pay only solidify their elitism in the eyes of much of the culinary world.

        1. i think that the coffee here is great. we've been trekking over from park slope because we prefer the coffee and the service over any place here (including regular (too much attitude sometimes despite lovely space and good coffee) and root hill (while i love the space and really want them to be successful, they are so hit or miss on whether they have a good barista and they can take forever). now that cafe grumpy is opening up we'll see if that's any better. also colson's also just upgraded coffee and machine with a marozzoco (sp?) though i have not tried it. i did see one of their cappucinos and was not so impressed with the froth.

          on southside, i agree that the ambiance is not so great, and while they are serving some "baked" stuff it would be really nice to find excellent food and coffee all in one place that you could actually sit down (cafe abraco).