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Anyone know where I can get Fresh Cadbury bars from the UK?

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There used to be a cadbury store at Cookstown outlet, but that is gone. And there are a bunch of UK stores that sell them, but they are all old. I need a few 400g Whole Nut bars and Dairy Milk bars!!! Anywhere in the GTA or surrounding area would be nice.

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  1. Nutty Chocolatier in The Beach sells british candy - they're at Queen and Lee. Not sure if they sell the kinds that you are looking for...

    1. I think the candy/lottery store (possibly called a smoke shop--I can't remember) in the Atrium across from the Eaton's Centre has them. (It's the store right across from the Lottery outlet near the Pickle Barrel.)

      1. There's a candy store on Queen (South side), between John & Spadina.
        Not sure how fresh they are, but have a pretty decent selection.

        1. I believe the Sugar Mountain stores carry UK Cadbury. (I have a weakness for Curly Wurlys; haven't read the labels on the solid bars.)

          1. The Chocolate Box on Donlands just south of o'Connor has loads of large cadbury bars. Pretty sure they're fresh. Plus they have all kinds of teas, M&S products, jelly babies. A happy place!

            1. Try The Chocolate Box. 413 Donlands Ave (Donlands/O'Connor) in East York. http://www.thechocolatebox.ca/store/

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                Perfect!! Thanks!! I am craving some good cadbury's!! The Canadian Cad is just not up to scratch, although they have improved lately, still not there. And the South African version is a very very close second.

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                  I found a great english store in Niagara-On-Lakes, had everything from PG to BBC vids... Not sure what is was called though

              2. Howard Park and Roncesvalles

                Sweet Thrills - 399 Roncesvalles Ave. M6R 2N1
                T: 416-535-9286

                1. There's a sweet store in Exchange Tower (just passed Food hall with Kitchen table in it) that sells British Chocolate Bars.

                  1. I've found lots of British candy at the Bulk Barn on Steeles near Dufferin. I was so tempted by the white chocolate Malteasers, but I settled for a roll of the Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles on my last visit. I've only tried this one store so I don't know if the rest of the chain carries them.

                    1. Here's a link. I don't know where you are in Toronto, or GTA, but this place had quite a lot of chocolates, biscuits, mixes of sorts, etc.. Bought an Arsenal mug there in honour of my dad that passed away 8 months ago too!


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                        Just was at kenisgton market the other day and in the Blue Bannana Mall there is a little stall that has a big selection of UK cadbury's

                      2. A new candy store on the Mt Pleasant strip touts having British imports, though I cant speak to the freshness....cant recall the name but it has an orange sign, b/w hillsdale and belsize.

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                          I think you'll find the following 'link' of interest....I found them at this year's CNE but haven't gone to either of their places...best to phone first to make sure they are still in busines..I am thinking of making a visit to them fairly soon...All kinds of Cadbury Chocolate as well as other 'british' goodies...sauces, biscuits, candy etc....

                          "Mrs. Bridge's British Bakery"