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Apr 28, 2008 02:03 PM

Anyone know where I can get Fresh Cadbury bars from the UK?

There used to be a cadbury store at Cookstown outlet, but that is gone. And there are a bunch of UK stores that sell them, but they are all old. I need a few 400g Whole Nut bars and Dairy Milk bars!!! Anywhere in the GTA or surrounding area would be nice.

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  1. Nutty Chocolatier in The Beach sells british candy - they're at Queen and Lee. Not sure if they sell the kinds that you are looking for...

    1. I think the candy/lottery store (possibly called a smoke shop--I can't remember) in the Atrium across from the Eaton's Centre has them. (It's the store right across from the Lottery outlet near the Pickle Barrel.)

      1. There's a candy store on Queen (South side), between John & Spadina.
        Not sure how fresh they are, but have a pretty decent selection.

        1. I believe the Sugar Mountain stores carry UK Cadbury. (I have a weakness for Curly Wurlys; haven't read the labels on the solid bars.)

          1. The Chocolate Box on Donlands just south of o'Connor has loads of large cadbury bars. Pretty sure they're fresh. Plus they have all kinds of teas, M&S products, jelly babies. A happy place!