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Apr 28, 2008 01:53 PM

Should I get a potato ricer?

I saw a recipe for gnocchi that used a potato ricer, and it looked so easy compared to using a masher or a beater. I would be using it mainly for mashed potatoes, though. I wouldn't want to spend a lot, just in case it's another gadget that I will end up storing in my already crammed cabinet. What would you all recommend?

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  1. If you're serious about making gnocchi get one. I have the OXO one and it's really good. I've seen it reviewed highly as well. $50 on amazon:

    If can't afford the extra kitchen space or the money, I don't think it's a "must have". But if you're serious about making gnocchi it's the best way by far.

    1. I have the Italian one (called "schiacciapatate"). Has two disks. Works great. About twenty bucks.


      1. I have one and use it. Not all the time. Sometimes I like a rustic mash but other times the ricer is just so easy to use and the texture of the potatoes is excellent. I have a food mill also but find that although it works well it is more difficult to use and creates more mess than a ricer. For gnocchi it is essential. A ricer is an inexpensive and useful tool. I think Alton Brown would find it a multi-tasker as well.

        1. A must for gnocchi and for squeezing water out of raw grated potatoes when making hash browns. Mine is plastic probably from Target for maybe $10-15.

          1. I upgraded to the one from Wm-Sonoma -- it works so much better I gave the old one away. It costs less than $20, makes great mashed potatoes.