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Good salsa verdes? (comparable to King Taco)

I love the salsa verde at KT. Right amount of heat and lots of flavor.
Who else makes some good ones? Doesn't matter if its a taqueria, taco truck, deli, store brand. If only KT would bottle that stuff.

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  1. I love the salsa verde at the original Tops on Colorado Blvd in Pasadena. They've always been very generous with extras too

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        Seconded. Serious serrano flavor and heat. Proportionately, more fresh chili bite and less tomatillo tartness in El Gallo Giro's version.

      2. They have a good salsa verde at El Toreo in Pasadena and its sister restaurant, La Cita in Glendale. It's not a tomatillo salsa; it's cilantro based, but it's really delicious.

        El Toreo
        21 S Fair Oaks Ave, Pasadena, CA 91105

        La Cita Restaurant
        4608 San Fernando Rd, Glendale, CA 91204

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          I like Chiquita Bonita's salsa verde, it's hot compared to most places though. I would love to find something similar in a storebought brand (spicy tomatillo based, not like most of the store brands that are mild).

        2. The salsa verde they make and sell at Vallarta Supermarkets is, in my opinion, among the best in town. Their salsa rojo is pretty good, too. But the verde is excellent.

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            I totally agree. I stopped into the Lancaster location for a quick bite last week and while the chile relleno wasn't any better than expected, the salsa verde was delicious.

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              Will definitely give this a try, especially if I can get it in bulk! thanks!

          2. Carnitas Michoacan has a delicious salsa verde, it goes perfectly with the al pastor taco. I could just drink that stuff by the gallon....oh I want some right now!!!

            1. Ordonez in Montebello has a good salsa verde. I am also a big fan of King Taco's salsa verde, and becasue of this reason, I highly recommend Ordonez. Hey brother I have a suggestion when you order you carne asada burrito from KT. Ask for queso cotija in your burrito and it will take the flavor to a different level. Good luck in your salsa search.

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                Sounds good! where is this at? and I will definitely try the queso cotija next time. thanks!!

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                  Ordonez is on Garfield off the 60 Fwy, across the street from J&S and Quiet Cannon.

              2. It may not have enough heat for you, but the salsa verde at Carniceria Don Juan in North Hollywood (on Vanowen, about 1/2 block west of Coldwater) is phenomenal. It is very thick and has great tomatillo flavor.

                I don't really remember the salsa verde at King Taco being that good; the salsa roja, on the other hand, is killer.

                1. thanks for the responses guys and girls, I definitely have a nice list to try out!
                  If any one has any more, please post!

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                    If you are in OC, try the Super Antojitos mini-chain. Either get the chili verde, carne asada tacos or pork chops.

                  2. el taurino has amazing salsa verde -- kind of smokey and really delicious. get it with the carne asada burrito. yummers.