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Pink Berry or Red Mango? [moved from Manhattan board]

I walk by these two competing fro-yo places almost everyday, but have not yet stopped into either. With warm weather looming, which is better for a refreshing cool-down?

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    1. Pinkberry by far. Red Mango is too bland. But you be the judge...

      1. I live right by 14th and 6th Ave (where there is a Pinkberry and a Red Mango) and I usually go to Red Mango. I actually think they taste pretty much exactly the same, but Red Mango is not as crowded or cramped, so it wins!

        I'd go for the fro-yo at Bloomingdale's over both any day...

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          I've been hooked on Pinkberry until I tried red mango. Red Mango has a thicker, creamier taste so I prefer it if I had my pick. It seems like Red Mango has aggressively been opening everywhere there's a Pinkberry these days, so that shouldn't be too hard!

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            red mango is actually the original, but pinkberry came to the US first (you should see LA, both of them are everywhere)

            I like red mango better as I agree its slightly creamier and less sour, but its a very slight difference between the two

        2. I find Red Mango to be much more satisfying. It does have a thicker, creamier consistency and is tangier with more yogurt flavor.

          1. Red Mango. Has tang but doesn't taste like spoiled milk.

            1. Red Mango. I find Pinkberry leaves a strange chemical-like aftertaste in my mouth. And Red Mango's texture is better.

                1. Los Angeles is CRAWLING with fro yo clones, and I've tried most of 'em!

                  There are PINKBERRY days and there are RED MANGO days. I have to say i like MANGO more as it's creamier, but sometimes ill catch a tarter/icier Pinkberry.

                  1. Red Mango- best combo imo is mochi, mango, and strawberries. Red Mango actually has live and active cultures and is real yogurt. I find Pinkberry texture too grainy like cheap ice milk.

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                      There's a place called coco plum. It has a strange aftertaste similar to granola. I wonder what that is. Any clues, I read someone else at other place someone reviewed here also experienced it.

                    2. Red Mango hands down. It's creamier and it doesn't give me a stomach ache like Pinkberry's does. I can acually taste the artificial ingredients in Pinkberry.