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Apr 28, 2008 01:43 PM

Houston/NASA for business-lots of questions!

I'm coming to Houston/NASA area for business from April 30-May 2nd.
Looking a few different places for business dinners so unfortunately no hole the wall, or grimey places.
I know it's Houston, but I'm coming with Japanese collegues who really want sushi one of the nights we are there. Any recs for a very authentic or even super trendy place with a good atmosphere would be appreciated.
I'd also be interested in a yummy bbq place or just place that shouldn't be missed.
One person I'm coming with mentioned a place called, "Taste of Texas." Worth visiting?
Finally, we are staying in the NASA/Johnson Space center area. I'm very willing to drive but if you do know of any close by places, that would be great too!!
Thanks in advance everyone!!!!

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  1. Try the Topwater Grill in San Leon about a 20 minute drive south of NASA. It's in a shrimpboat marina on the bay. Really fresh seafood which you Japanese collegues should enjoy as well as a trully Gulf Coast experience.

    1. Hi hakusai-
      Could this work?
      The location is near JSC and they've quite a variety of things (and prices).

      1. Masa Sushi on the corner of NASA Parkway and Egret Bay/El Camino. I'm not sure how athentic it is but we like it. The atmosphere is good.