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Apr 28, 2008 01:42 PM

Downtown Baltimore for large group

What is a good place to take a group of 16 (couples, adults) in downtown Baltimore. We have been to Oceanaire, Pazo's and Black Olive among others. Looking for something that is quality yet won't break the bank. Thanks for your input!

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  1. Does it have to be downtown? We had a great Greek feast in SE Baltimore for a similarly sized group at Zorba's in Greektown. It's much cheaper than the places you mentioned. Lebanese Taverna in Inner Harbor East might be another good choice.

    1. How about Corks in Fed. Hill!? Or La Tavola in Little Italy. Both have very nice private rooms and great food!

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        Just went to Abacrombie with a large group so it immediately comes to mind. I have a group of friends that I regularly go to dinner with so restaurants that can accomodate is always the main question.

        Others not in any particular order:

        1) Request the terrace at The Bicycle in Fed Hill
        2) Table in the rear dining room at Brewer's Art
        3) Large table upstairs in the front room overlooking Charles St. in the Tusk Lounge at Brass Elephant (sometimes closed for a private party)
        4) Junior's Wine Bar in Fed Hill