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Apr 28, 2008 01:33 PM

Toddler friendly restaurants in BH/ Hwd/ SM/ WeHo/ Century City


Can anyone recommend toddler friendly restuarants in those areas?

High-chairs, kids menu, kids play area, crayons and paper, something along these lines.

Thank you.

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  1. Kay n Dave's
    California Pizza Kitchen
    Juniors Deli

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    1. re: yogachik

      CPK has the kids menu.

      Eat Well on Santa Monica in WeHo has crayons and papered tables, so that's a plus, and frankly I like their healthy fare - buddha bowl, salads, egg whites, etc.

      Angeli Caffe will give kids pizza dough to play with

      Swingers on Beverly is fun for kids

      Carney's for the fun of the train and kids menu

      Brighton Coffee Shop

      Mel's Diner is another option


      Farmer's Market is also another safe option

      there's also a new place in west la, i want to say around wilshire and barrington that's a kids play place? perhaps someone else can jump in with the name...

      lazy daisy cafe on wilshire (no it's not everyone's favorite) is very kid friendly, esp kind to ears bc of the outdoor patio seating.

      1. re: Emme

        The kids place is indeed on Wilshire and Barrington. Not having kids myself, I have not gone in or heard anything about it, though. It is on the northwest corner of Wilshire and Barrington, taking the spot of an old fast food restaurant (Pollo Inka?).

        1. re: glutton

          Just looked this up - it's called Giggles 'n' Hugs. They offer healthier fare and will even puree veggies into your kids macNchese.


    2. Bossa Nova on Beverly has crayons. The Farm is kid-friendly, but food is not great.

      1. Islands--An ideal kids' restaurant, lots of garish decor to look at, well-designed kid's menu, and very good burgers.

        Noodle Planet in Westwood Village--kids love the solar system sculpture on the ceiling, No specific kids' menu, but all the food is playful. (When he was very little, my son particularly loved the shrimp spring rolls --fun to take apart and examine while the adults ate!)

        Anywhere in the Farmers Market, or (for a more sit-down experience) Wood Ranch next door in The Grove (the rear patio at Wood Ranch is best for little kids)

        Possibly Blue Marlin on Sawtelle (although the kids' meal is not as much fun as it used to be). Curry House on Sawtelle is also a reasonable choice although I don't like the food as much. Yashima, the noodle place on the 2nd floor of the Olympic Collection, is also possible--they have a well-designed kids meal--but it's usually sort of quiet in there so if your group is in a rowdy mood you might feel uncomfortable.

        Rutts on Washington Blvd. in Culver City for Hawaiian food.

        For a "nicer" meal, Daily Grill works pretty well, if you go early--the branch on Colorado in Santa Monica is good option for early dinner.

        For weekday breakfast and lunch, John O'Groats is a good choice and the food is excellent; on the weekends the wait can be too long for kids (and their parents) to tolerate.

        I can't endorse Kay n Daves: definitely kid-friendly, unfortunately the food is lousy and the service is sometimes glacial and disorganized which doesn't work too well for kids . . .

        A better bet for the same kind of Americanized-Mexican food is Pacifico's in Culver City--the food is not great but some things are OK (the seafood cocktails are acceptable, if bland) and they are very, very solicitous of kids.

        For deli for toddlers, I tend to think Junior's works better than Nate-n-Al. We now go to Nate-n-Al all the time and it's one of my son's (now 6-1/2) very favorite restaurants, but when he was littler, we found Nate-n-Al more confining and less comfortable--and the noise carries more, so you may be self-conscious when your kid is acting up. Junior's has a cool aquarium, TV screen, and big deli counter in the front to distract the kids while they are waiting, and the noise levels are more appropriate for the littlest ones.

        1. Most chain restaurants will work. Unfortunately it's harder to find a gourmet type restaurant that is toddler friendly. I've seen people bring babies and toddlers to Campanile and Pizzeria Mozza (need reservation as bar stool isn't kid friendly), but they don't have a kiddie menu or crayons. I don't think I've seen any restaurants with a kid's play area - unless you count Chuck E Cheese.

          My son's favorite chains are CPK (can't go wrong with pizza and hot fudge sundaes), Wood Ranch - lots of choices from burgers to chicken tenders to ribs and BJ's (wings, pizza, pizookie). Dupar's at Farmer's Market have a kiddie menu - we ordered grill cheese sandwich there.

          1. At the Grove / Farmer's Market... Marmalade.

            Also: Jerry's Delis, Waffle.